Was bedeutet der Titel “Ich pfeife auf den Tod” von dem Buch bei Babak Rafati

“Der Titel ‘Ich pfeife auf den Tod’ soll eigentlich zum Ausdruck bringen, scheiße auf all was da passiert, sondern das Leben ist mir so viel Wert, dass alles kein Wert hat, um sich darüber Gedanken zum machen und vor allen Ding kaputt zu machen!” Quelle: Babak Rafati selbst über sein Buch in dem folgenden Video, Zeit 00:08-00:26, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrqrWuM6GZ0 Ich besuche morgen eine Lesung von diesem Autor! Ich bin sehr begeistert!

I am no longer the administrator of “Doctors Going to Germany”

Dear colleagues, Due to long-term and time-consuming goals in life, I gave up the administration of the group “Doctors Going to Germany” today. I expect that the group will contain about 4.000 members in the next one to two weeks. I gave the administration to a Mr. Teddy Kabel. He is a German man who helped me, and I am sure he helped hundreds of other foreign doctors who are aiming for a medical …

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Ruhrgebiet’s English Book Club (REBoC)

Hello fellow book aficionados! Welcome to the Ruhrgebiet English Book Club (REBoC), the first Ruhrgebiet-based book club! Lovers of fiction and non-fiction alike are welcome to join us as we will be reading and discussing a large range of books. While it is absolutely not required that English is your first language, be advised that we will be reading only books written in English. We meet on a monthly basis and …

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Two Great Blogs by Two Foreign Doctors about the Medical Specialisation in Germany

Today and about three weeks ago, I knew that I am not the only foreign doctor that blogs in English about the medical specialization in Germany. I found two great blogs by two Indian doctors who are aiming at a medical specialization in Germany. I totally recommend them. Their web addresses are as follows. 1) www.DrInGermany.blogspot.de: The author writes the following title for his blog and I think that it is self-explainatory, “Journey …

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English Book Club (Dortmund, Bochum and surroundings)

I searched and asked a lot and then much surprised that I had not found an English book club in or around Dortmund. Even in whole North Rhein-Westphalia, I only found one in Düsseldorf! I kept asking people until one told me, “You did not find one! Then establish one!”. So, here I am trying it! Are there any people interested? We can meet in Dortmund or Bochum? What do …

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How I passed it: ِAnamnesegespräch für die Fachsprachenprüfung!

# My aim from this video is to share my expereience and help foreign doctors in understanding better what is tested in the Fachsprachenprüfung. Sorry for the mistakes! “Life is too short to learn German!’ **** Language mistakes are tolerated. But it is a huge problem when you use Lateinisch with the patients. It is wrong therefore to ask the patient: “Haben Sie Diabetes/Hypertonie? Haben Sie Appendizektomie gehabt” — Correct …

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Recommendation: Learn German by a German native speaker teacher online via Skype for unbelievably low prices

I personally bought more than 21 lessons from this company and I totally recommend it. The prices begin from 13 Euro per hour (an hour is 60 minutes NOT 45 minutes like by some teachers or institutes). The price of the lesson depends on how many lessons you buy. There are different packages any you can find them in this page: http://www.germanonlineinstitute.com/prices-and-payment/   You can book a free trial lesson and …

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Medical License Authorities where foreign doctors could apply for Approbation without Einstellungszusage (a promise to work = being accepted to work in a hospital)

You would 99% do a medical knowledge exam in order to get the Approbation. I do not know further details. You can find the further details about the content of the exams and the exact required documents for application in the websites of the medical license authorities in the mentioned authorities. 1) Baden Württemberg: http://www.rp.baden-wuerttemberg.de/servlet/PB/menu/1071540/ 2) Köln: http://www.bezreg-koeln.nrw.de/brk_internet/leistungen/abteilung02/24/approbationen_berufserlaubnisse/index.html 3) Berlin: http://www.berlin.de/lageso/gesundheit/akademische-berufe/arzt/approbation.html If you applied for Approbation in any of the above authorities, then …

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My Experience: Fachsprachenprüfung in der Ärztekammer in Münster (Medical German Language Test)

Less than 10 minutes after passing the Fachsprachenprüfung in front of the building of the Ärztekammer in Münster. Wishing the same for you! - Jameel Hijazeen جميل حجازين

Like always: Please post any questions or additional information public here in this post (comments boxes are at the end of this page) not in a private message. I really do not have time only to help one person at a time! Here will all to see and participate!   Sequence before doing this exam: – 03.06.2013: I got my meical degree (MBBS) from Mutah University, Karak Jordan. – 01.07.2013: I began …

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