Emergency Landing!

I HAVE SEEN an unusal thing moments ago… I heard a loud noise, that made by a plan… I looked outside the window and saw what appears to me as passenger plane as if preparing to land… It was all flashing, having at least 3 red lights…

It is my first time ever to see a plan so near to earth above our house since we are far much away from the airport… god knows what is the problem of this plane? Can it be making an emergency landing? Is there any danger of it being destroyed after landing? Can the passengers make it safe to their beloved ones today…? The plan came from south… the very south… I hope that no danger will be caused to the passenger…

BTW, I have always wondered about plane accidents in Jordan.. Hadn’t it ever happened that a plan crash happen in a Jordanian plan? If not, is it because Jordanian pilots are very skillfull?! I don’t know… May be I will be able to find out through google.com

Back to the plane, If something got wrong with it… we will surely hear about it in the news…

Time when I saw the plane was almost 7:02…

Excuse me now for I have to go back to my beloved Biochemistry… Have a nice day

10/18/2007 7:11 PM

Answer these questions…

*. The be is soft, so ________ on the floor.
a. was sleeping
b. has slept
c. slept

*. “The taxi has arrived” This sentence expresses:
a. completed past (this is exactly how it was in the exam!)
b. unfinished past
c. result of a past action

*. “She has been able to come to the school.” This sentence expresses:
a. ability
b. experience
c. unfinished past action

*. “I invited my friends who are English to my party.” This sentence means:
a. None of my friends are English.
b. many of my friends are English.
c. ” “… I don’t remember it because it was totally irrelevant.

These are a sample of some lovely questions my computer brought me, in todays English 102 exam. I am sure, that my dear reader by now, has concluded that I didn’t have a good mark. I won’t try to convince you that I don’t blame the type of questions for my results, because I am, partly.

I really believe that there is something wrong in each one of these questions, especially the forth one. How did they postulate that they are (many)? The answer in my opinion should read: “All of my friends are English”. Don’t you agree with me? If not, can you tell me the reasonable answer for which?

P.S. How much did Jameel score in this computerized exam-BTW, damn every computerized test that teachers not allow students to object to a question which has spelling or logical problem- ? We had 50 questions today, for 50 marks, I got 47 out of 50 true, so i scored 47! Damn!. My total score in this course will be, postulation that I will have 10 marks as participation, 96/100. It is really of carelessness to have lost those four marks…

“Don’t call me a liar and a (cheat)” This sentence expresses. (I couldn’t leave without letting you share me this another great sentence of todays perfect exam).

I needa start working hard on my studies….

This is my final week in university this semester. I will be having my final English Exam on Thursday. Today, I received my English Exam Mark. If you go back some posts, you will find that I had posted a sentence in which I said, (We use present continuous in this sentence to talk about the future because I am talking about an even that is already planned in time and place!!! This is just a revision of tomorrow’s exam)… Guess what, a question came based on the grammar of this snetence.
Q] When do we use the “Present Continuous”? and can you guess what my answer was? Yes, it is stated above, I have written it the day before, “planned….”. I answered:

A] Planned Decision.

Guess what? It is too wrong! Yes, Present continuous is not used for “Planned Decision”, it is used for “Personal Arrangement”, so? I blame who? Only myself not to study the grammar and counting that the questions would be coming only on the form of sentences. My mark was 19/20 [ 🙁 ]. The other devastating mark is my computer one, I scored 17/23. What condolences me in this mark that I didn’t pay as much attention to it as I did in the first month. BTW, screw such a condolence!. My first month biostatistics mark is, as I found out today, 25.5/30. Relatively good as the highest mark is 27.

God help me… Please… To Concentrate

And as James blunt once sang:


Good bye my lover, good bye my friend, you have been the one, you have the one to me…

P.S. This is a very great song, you can download it via a P2P program called “Limewire”… I hope that James won’t mind that, will you James? I know he…. (you decide).

Soma’h Wa Marzoog

This is a very hilarious clip showing Moses Hijazin and Hasan Ibrahim singing a funny song together. (La Aftah Lak Ilbit Sardeen).
Moses is a Jordanian comic . Soma’ah -as he is widely known- was born in Smakieh. I really like Soma’h not only because he is a relative of mine (My Grand mother and his Grand mother are sisters! A very close relation, isn’t it? Somehow!), and not only because he is Hijazin, but also and most importantly, because he is a very modest and humble person, though he is very famous among Jordanians. I leave you now with the video, and sorry because the video is in Arabic.

P.S. I have learned how to add a video directly to my Blog… Thanks to my very nice, handsome, hilarious, and intelligent FRIEND (Chadi Chamatti), a Lebanese engineer who works with Airbus (Airbus, Wow!) . By the way, he has a very nice Blog, may be you can take a look at: Click Here!Hijazin Hijazeen karak kerak st. michel latin balau ader church Smakieh simakiyya arnon valley mujib rabbah rifat bader jordan petra Moabites parish Smakiyya virtual resources project vkrp petra paul Jordanian stela balau akasha nabil munther maher hijazin jack