God knows what the exam tomorrow will be… I should not  have wasted the weekends on the internet… I shouldn’t renew my internet subscription.
I don’t need interent! Shame on me! Instead of being comfortable at the night of exam, I am very fearful like always… Shame on me…


Toxicolog, asphyxia, and postmortem changes… god knows only


God… you should be there in such a condition.. my stomach aches!


The weekend was very long! In contrary to the saying that good times pass quickly, I achieved a lot in this weekend and it did not pass quickly! The reason is that on Saturday I remaind in my apartment. I did the groceries shopping on Friday afternoon.

What did I do in the weekend? I re-activated Facebook and then looked a little bit in some of the profiles of my friends, then deactivated it again! I read 3-4 papers over evolutionary psychiatry and read many Wikipedia articles related to evolution and philosophy. Moreover I read almost half of the simplified philosophy book “Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar”. It was intereseting, particularly the jokes in it! Philosophy is interesting. Shall I do a master in philosophy? Are there English master programs in philosophy in Germany? I searched quickly for that a few weeks ago and did not find any! In addition, I washed my clothes for 2,5 Euro! Finally, I bought this certain membership to satisfy my curiosity about something. I think it is too expensive but it, for example, encouraged me today to publish a video about talking history in German. I think it would be a famous video! It is one of its kind on YouTube! Aber speaking about my German grammar, it was horrible! I did not hear myself speaking so long before.I think this is because when I talk in every day life, I try to be quick rather than concentrating about what I am saying. I should correct that! This video helped me realise that very clearly.

Prof. Jean Decety visits Jordan. He mentioned that in a comment adressing me on Facebook 🙂 His lecture in Amman influenced me a lot. Will it influence me more?

I looked into the exam of the MRCPsych. It is not hard. But the question is: Should I remain in the psychiatry? Psychotherapy was very difficult for me. Should I now change the deparment and work with addiction patients? I think so. This seems a good option. I can leran more German and it is not “dangerous” and stressful to work in such a department.

What also? Yes, for the next three weeks I would be working alone in my ward. My senior physician is in holiday for three weeks 🙂

When should I take a holiday?

I should register for CME events!

I habe 4 hours of driving lessons next weeks. They costs a total of 140 Euro! Very expensive! I must learn quickly and get the driving license. Without a car is it a hell here!!!

I was about to sleep and then turned on the laptop and wrote the above. I think it is worth it! I should write more! If I still want to stick to my adolescense fantasy of being a famous writer! Easily just write!


I passed last Monday the theoretical driving license exam.And now I am blogging in English? Why? To reach the largest possible audience? In the last 4-6 weeks I contemplated a lot about improving my German langauge. But this improvement happens very slowly. When I go into bookshops, and they are everywhere here in German, I still could not read and understand what is written in the books. German is very hard! How much more one needs to learn German? Probably a lot! But the problem, when I want to publish a research, or read about any thing then reading in English provides me with a lot more information. Wikipedia articles, for example, the English versions of articles are 3-5 times longer and more detailed than the German versions talking about the same topic.

So, if my aim to acquire information and then to publish it, then why learn a new langauge? English is everywhere now in science and in everyday life!

Therefore, I think that I am now more and more going to use and read only English! Investing time in any other langauge in our current time requires a lot of time and effort… And the information and the ability to communicate is the best in English!

Dr. Mamoun Ahram back to teach us at Mu’tah university

Last year, Dr. Ma’moun Ahram moved to word at King Hussien Cancer in Amman. He taught me biochemistry and molecular biology during my first 2 years in the faculty of medicine in Mu’tah Univeristy.

He is a special doctor; funny, intelligent, courageous, open-minded, jolly, has a sense of humor, very energetic… I regreted his moving away from our university.

Today was a very nice surprise. Our faculty has no biochemistry doctor anymore starting from this second semester. Whom did they bring? Yes, they called Dr. Ma’moun Ahram to come and give us the few biochemistry lectures we need. How happy and lucky am I!

I consider myself privilaged to having a chance to more know about Dr. Ma’moun, and to get new information from him. How much I love the way he teaches!

I respect you Dr. Ma’moun!

This is the first entry to write in my blog since months… Today is a special day… It must be recorded!

English-Arabic Language Exchange: Meeting 1

Correct the following sentence:

  • This has been going on since 6 years.
  • If you specified the duration of an action, then you don’t use “since” but use “for”. The correct form is:
  • “This has been going on for 6 years.” Or, “This has been going on since 2003”


#Do you pay attention to what is written on the clothes you buy? Some people wear clothes without paying attention to what is written on them. Sometimes, this can cause you a lot of embarrassment not to expect humiliation.

A friend of mine once saw a Syrian girl wearing a pair of jeans that had a two-word sentence written on them. The sentence read: “Spank Queen”!!!

Does the girl understand what that sentence means? In our conservative societies, I don’t think so. Nonetheless, there is a?? good news. How many people have good English enough to understand the meaning of this sentence? I don’t think there are many!

Are you one of the “few” or one of the “many”? In other words, did you use or will use a dictionary to find out the meaning of this sentence? What about me, I am one of the “many”. I had to be told the meaning of this sentence. It means,???:??? “Slap buttocks” with sexual connotations of course!

There could be an honor crime is on the way!




  • We didn’t worry what places to visit, the tourist guide had already prepared an ideal itinerary.

  • When Mr. Smith read the itinerary of the journey, he didn’t only sign up, but also, invited some of his friends.

list of places to be visited: a plan for a journey listing different places in the order in which they are to be visited

  • There is a famous publishing company that publishes itineraries. The name of this company is “Lonely Planet”. I love their itinerary of Jordan.

There is a famous publishing company that publishes itineraries. Its name is “Lonely Planet”.




  • I was watching TV when I had this unbelievable epiphany of what I wanted to accomplish in my life; to become a skillful physician.

  • The physician claims that he was able to come up with this cancer drug in an epiphany!

  • It came to Moabite in an epiphany that the post about Peace Corps Volunteers learning Arabic is offending.

sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence
It came to him in an epiphany what his life’s work was to be.




I will work hard to become an Epitome of a hardworking Medical student.

  • Do you think that he deserves to be called “The Epitome of Honesty”! For God’s sake, he is as cunning as a fox.

  • Peace Corps volunteers who taught me in Mu’tah University are the very epitome of selflessness!

typical example: a highly representative example of a type, class, or characteristic
Isn’t she just the epitome of elegance?


[Irregular Plural]

The plural form of some nouns is not formed by adding “s”, “es” or “ies”… I can’t recall more! To be more precise, I don’t want to!

Example of irregular plural in English:

  • Ox –> Oxen
  • Goose –> Geese
  • Tooth –> Teeth



  • Can I bring up a tangent? There is a lot of time left!
  • Can you explain more. I believe that you started a big tangent!
  • I recommend this doctor, he spends all of the lecture time teaching. He never bring up tangents!

digression: a change of topic that is not relevant to the subject currently under consideration



A diagonal is a line connecting two angles in a square or rectangle.

line joining angles: a line that joins two opposite or nonadjacent angles or corners of a straight-sided geometric figure




  • The student said that he was advised not to study Arabic. He was told that Arabic is harder than Elvish language. This advice is the epitome of putting-off others!

  • Just a J. R. R. Tolkien invented new languages, I want to invent new set of social duties. Just because a diagonal can’t connect two adjacent angles, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your neighbors.

J. R. R. Tolkien invented two languages he referred to as “elvish.”



# [Nuance]

the nuance of using “care to learn Arabic” in the post talking about Peace Corps volunteers in Jordan brought me bad reputation!

subtle difference: a very slight difference in meaning, feeling, tone, or color

Is it necessary to get a high average in University?

Tomorrow… Wait… I need to know what time it is right now. Is it before or after midnight? It is after midnight. Time is 12:33 am.

Today, I have an Islamic Culture exam at 11 am. Instead of studying, I went to bed at about 12 o’clock. I couldn’t sleep. Here I am writing a diary entry.

Let me put it straightforward: I don’t care what marks I am going to get! I am only interested in passing university! Yes, only getting an saverage above 60! Speculate what you want, I am not studying anything but Medical courses.

On Monday, I am having the final exam of the Horticulture course taught by Dr. Sa’ed Ewas. I have a Clinical Psychology exam on Tuesday. What should I study, Elective courses or Medical courses? I will study this elective course only on Sunday! I want just to learn Medicine! Screw the marks!

My marks are:

  1. Islamic Culture: 43/50. How much will I get in the final exam? I totally depend on collecting the questions before doing the computerized exam. Students who enter first, will give us the questions they got. I will wait till 1 o’clock to do the exam.

  2. Horticulture: 43/50. The worst mark I can get in the final exam is 25/50. The exam is a fifty truefalse questions. 43+25= 68! So what?



p>In the future, will I regret not caring to get marks? I don’t see why I will!

My first participation in a newspaper

I sent an email today. But will it be accepted by algahd newspaper and be published as my first ever material to be published in a news paper? Will my name be shown in a newspaper all over Jordan. Will I be habe been able to deliver the message of suffering my co-villagers suffer from? Will they publish all of my comment? Will I be able to show it to my friends in the Uni?

But on the other hand, will I be hit? I don’t think so! I was very away from any severe criticism. Will Akef T read my comment? If not, will he know about it?

Was my comment worth it? Will anybody like it?

Will it be published on Friday? It would be a miracle if it was published. I know that I wrote very nice urging words in my email to the editor in order to show him how much is the need for this point of view to be published!

I should call Alghad newspaper tomorrow, should I?

A view came on me right now… I open the news paper on Friday morning… I quickly open the “Messages to the Editor” section…. And here it is… My comment isn’t there! I highly expect that!

Update 01.06.09:
Yes, the alledged ‘view’ that ‘came to your mind’ is true… Your comment wasn’t there! I am not sad because I know that it was a good start! I would love to participate in the future. Why not?

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