Open Letter to Orange Telecom Jordan on their terrible service

Join Jordanian Blogger Nasseem Tarawneh, click on the link below. See how you can help:

I like the following part of his post:

Consider it an experiment in Jordanian social media. People are constantly asking me whether Jordanian bloggers have an impact on politics in Jordan – and I always say probably not. But let’s see if we, as customers and as citizens, can use blogs and social media to impact the private sector.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of just writing…

Amazing Program: Autopano. Create 360 degrees photos!

Kolor Autopano Prog V1.4.0Have you ever wanted to merge many photos in one so as to show more of a landscape?

I always thought such photos are beautiful. A beautiful photo I always remember is one of Jerusalem. This photo gives you a view of the whole city. But could you and I do make such photos?

Here are 5 photos I took using my very old, dying, Nokia N90 phone. I merged them together using a program  called “Autopano”. Sorry, the program merged them. I only had to click a button. The program then automatically merged all of them into one photo. Amazing!

Image986Image985    Image984 Image983












Run commands I should have known long time ago

How to open microsoft office programs via the run command?! It works on all computers. In other words, it doesn’t need any pre-settings:

Go to start> run. Type the following to open each of the specified programs:

winword >>>    Microsoft Word
powerpnt >>>    Microsoft PowerPoint
frontpg >>>    Microsoft FrontPage
excel >>>    Microsoft Excel
msaccess >>>    Microsoft Access

Can such a shortcut method be used on other applications except the previous?! Wouldn’t it be nice if you can open the calculatar without having to go throught the long tedious way of going to start>all programs>accessories>Calculaator?! What about Paint program, dont’ you think that it is such a long way to get to it?!

The good answer, yes… Yes, you can do it. Here are the shortcuts:

Paint >>>            pbrush
Calculator >>>            calc
Windows Media Player >>>    wmplayer [My favorite!].
Firefox Browser >>>        firefox
Internet Explorer >>>        iexplore

desktop >>> open your desktop folder in your windows account.

I have:
Windows Xp, Version 5.1
Microsoft Office 2002.

Searching Secrets in Google

As a direct result of my not finding any possible closet for the books, I arranged the books in the cupboard above in my parent’s house. I found this piece of paper which I obviously kept for the article of: “Searching Secrets in Google”

I want to get rid of this hardly kept paper, but the information inside of are new to me, so I am computerizing these new information. The article from the Jordanian Al-Rai newspaper dates back to: August, 10th, 2006. I have kept it that long period only to through it away in minutes.

((Secrets of Searching in Google))

_ Two words with the presence of a space: Google shows results containing both of the words.

_ Writing “Or” between two words: Google shows pages containing the first word or containing the second word.

_ – : to limit the range of results, i.e. writing virus-computer make Google search for the word virus not for the word computer.

  • Lord of the rings + I (Using roman numerals).

_ ~ : search for the word and its synonyms. i.e. ~auto loan, Google will show results containing the word auto and its synonyms like car, automobile, etc.

_ define: search for the definition of a word, i.e. define:normalization. [Normalization: Bring to a normal or standard stae.]

_ Word_1*Word_2: Results containing the two words with one word separating them.

_ Word_1 … Word_2 : i.e. DVD player 50$ … 100$

_ date: time Word : i.e. date:3 Olympics, results containing the word Olympics during the last 3 months.


_ To get information about a certain site: info:Site_URL. i.e.


_ date: 1 internet download manager

_ iPod 10$ … 60$


Update: The newspaper page is now sitting in the bin.

Facebook… I am coming!

Though most of the studetns in my faculty lab are always surfing this site, though I got many invitations from close friends (Yazen MS, for example) of mine to join this enigmatic site, though I always read how facebook made the headlines, I never was never convinced to open an account in Facebook. Now, in the next few minutes, I will be opening a facebook account. But why?

For 2 main reasons: In advertisments promoting goods and products, companies are ready to pay milliions and millions of dollars just to have an important person (Actors, football players, singers…) appear in their advertisment. It is because when the viewer see this will immediately follow the certainly ‘good’ choice of this person or that. It happened with me today, I got convinced by 2 things:

  1. Amman municipality have an account.
  2. The site of which I haven’t entered for ages… Incredibly, it has an account on facebook.

How strange?! Those 2 accounts which I discovered almost half an hour ago will make me have an account there… See you there… I hope that I won’t get addicted to it. 🙂