Reverse Music Search: How to search for a song or a piece of music that you do not know?

Have you ever heard an untitled song or a piece of music on your computer or on the internet and wanted to know who is the author of it?

Someone might suggest searching for the song using its lyrics. This is a good suggestion. However, what if the song  is in a foreign language? Moreover, a piece of music, like a symphony for example,  does not have lyrics in the first place so that you can google them.

How can you find this bloody song or music then?

Well, a certain number of years ago, this was surely technologically impossible. The only way was to let a person who happens to be an expert in songs or symphonies listen… then tell you the answer; if he knows!

Nowadays, an internet website can do this job. You only need to play the song or the music, or more amazingly, “search by your voice by singing or humming” and the site will do the job.



Isn’t this amazing?

Personally, I have tried to locate a piece of music that was played during my high school graduation 6 years ago. For 6 years, I didn’t know the name of that music. Within seconds after using the service of this site, it turned out to be a “The Mass” by “Era”. I tried the website multiple times to find about a couple of songs and symphonies I have been looking for their authors since years, I was successful in almost all of my trials. The URL of this amazing website is:




image_thumb5 (1)

How does it work?

  1. Play the music on your compute or on the internet. If you have a microphone, you can sing or hum using it. However, I haven’t tried this. I just modified “Adobe Flash Player Setting” in the website so that the source of recording would be the what is played. See the following steps. Skip these steps and move to step 2 if you simply want to “sing or hum”.

A. Select “Click and Sing or Hum”



B. Select “Deny”



C. Click on “Microphone Settings”



D. Select the microphone icon then choose your audio device from the drop down menu seen below. Next, select close.



E. Refresh the website and proceede to the next step.


  1. In the main page of the website, click on “Click and Sing or Hum”.
  2. Select “Allow” from the box that appeared after the previous step.



  1. The site will then start recording.



5. After about 10 seconds, the site will stop recording, start recording, and finally show the search results.



Magic! Isn’t it!


This website is not famous. Here are its visitors statistics according to

alexa rank

If google or yahoo or whatever other famous company started providing a similar service, then such a service would probably be a simple thing in the future just like “Reverse Image Search” is today! : Assassination Details Revealed (15.02.2012)


Who or what was responsilbe for causing to shut down? Was it a technical error? Was it a financial problem? Or was it “The International Publishers Association and the German Publishers and Booksellers Association”?

The International Publishers Association and The German Publishers and Booksellers Association

imageToday, the above two association issued the following “victorious” joint press release not only to reveal the reason behind the shutting down of, but also, to officially confirm “the death” of When reading the press release, you can sense how happy and elated are these people about their “important sucess in the combat against internet piracy”.

I copied thier press release from a pdf file posted in their website. Is this considered as a form of piracy? Would this “illegal copying” cause the shutting down of my blog as well?


Joint Press Release of the International Publishers Association and the German Publishers and Booksellers Association

Publishers Strike Major Blow against Internet Piracy

Geneva, 15 February 2012

Yesterday, an international alliance of publishers and publishers’ associations achieved an important success in the combat against internet piracy. Despite significant technical and legal obstacles, the alliance was able to locate the alleged operators of both the sharehoster service and the link library, and successfully served judicial cease-and-desist orders on both.

The two entities created and operated an “internet library” which made available illegally more than 400,000 high quality e-books for immediate, free and anonymous download. The operators generated an estimated turnover of EUR 8 million (USD 10,602,400) from advertising revenues, donations and sales of premium-level accounts, thereby ranking the sites among the top piracy websites in the world.

“Today, the international book industry has shown that it continues to stand up against organised copyright crime.” says Jens Bammel, Secretary General of the International Publishers Association. “We will not tolerate freeloaders who make unjustified profits by depriving authors and publishers of their due reward. This is an important step towards a more transparent, honest and fair trade of digital content on the Internet.”

“This case demonstrates, in particular in the context of current debates, that systematic copyright infringement has developed into a highly criminal and lucrative business. The fight against piracy is not an impediment on one’s freedom of expression, but a necessity to reinstate the rule of law on the internet. It is not only in the interest of the thousands of people who dedicate their working lives to the development of our cultural heritage, but first of all in the interest of the authors who depend on fair compensation for their work. Whoever ignores how these issues are intertwined, seriously threatens the cultural diversity in our country.“ says Alexander Skipis, CEO of Börsenverein (German Publishers and Booksellers Association).

The close ties between a sharehoster service and a link library meant that the targeted entities were particularly harmful as all illegally uploaded copyright works were made immediately accessible to all internet users. The international publishers were able to assert extensive claims against the service providers who had partially concealed their identities. They were able to obtain a total of 17 interim injunctions from the Landgericht (regional court) of Munich I, and successfully served these in Ireland. In doing this, the participating publishers demonstrate their continued determination to not simply ignore copyright piracy, but to fight the large illegal platforms with all available legal measures.

The international alliance of publishers is coordinated by the German Publishers and Booksellers Association (Börsenverein), the International Publishers Association and German law firm Lausen. The participating publishing houses are Cambridge University Press, Georg Thieme, Harper Collins, Hogrefe, Macmillan Publishers Ltd., Cengage Learning, Elsevier, John Wiley & Sons, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Pearson Education Ltd., Pearson Education Inc., Oxford University Press, Springer, Taylor & Francis, C.H. Beck as well as Walter De Gruyter. The legal proceedings are also supported by the Association of American Publishers (AAP), the Dutch Publishers Association (NUV), the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and the International Association of Scientific Technical and Medical Publishers (STM).

About the case:

For more information on the legal action, please refer to the background document available here:

About IPA:

The International Publishers Association (IPA) is the global non-governmental organisation representing all aspects of book and journal publishing worldwide. Established in 1896, IPA’s mission is to promote and protect publishing and to raise awareness for publishing as a force for cultural and political advancement worldwide. IPA is an industry association with a human rights mandate. IPA currently has 65 member associations in 53 countries.


*** <e
m>Note: I arrived at this piece of new because of a comment made in my blog by “

gilou”. Thank you sir!

How to download all videos from a youtube playlist or even all videos of a youtube channel?

Notice: I am writing this video because many medical students have contacted me on YouTube asking me for instructions on how to download some videos from my channel. Namely, anatomy videos by Dr. Ahmed M. Kamal. I responded to each person individually. However, because of being asked this question often, I decided to publish a post about the topic. “The straw that broke the camel’s back was this comment” by YouTube user “freehomeland”:


Apparently, this person is not asking for how to download my channel. However, downloading the channel is what he will certainly ask me to teach him after I tell him that the way he is planning to download the same videos is not only more lengthy, but most importantly, would cause him to download unnamed videos in a very rare format that can only be played (to my knowledge) using “Windows media player classic”. So, Mr. Homeland, download the videos from my channel. It would save you not only effort and time, but also,  the “quality” of the videos you are going to download. Thank you.

Two years ago, it was the first time that I first needed to download multiple videos from a YouTube channel. There are a lot of programs that allows you to download individual videos like Real Player, Internet Download Manager… But I  wanted a program that could download 20 or 30 videos automatically without the need of my opening each video, clicking download, choosing where to download the video, starting the download, etc.

I remember that I searched for hours without finding a program that could achieve this goal. “There is no such program!!!” I easily deduced. At some point, I found a Firefox add-on that could do the multiple downloads automatically. Only to ruin my happiness, many errors occurred and downloading each video individually turned out to be easier than using their add-on.

I remember that I surrendered, “It is impossible that such a program exists” I thought. No doubt, the number of YouTube visitors will decrease if every user could download all videos  of a playlist or a channel and later on watch them offline. What do you think?

But to my amazement, up to this moment, I am still fascinated by a program I found; it is called “Free Youtube Download” by a company called “DVDVIDEOSOFT”. It proved that I was wrong; there exists a program!!!



Yes, this program does not only download whole YouTube playlists, but also, whole YouTube channels, Can you believe that? Add to this that the program is a freeware; in fact, all the programs of this company are freeware!!!

The features of Free YouTube Download:

Free YouTube Download is one of the most usable programs on the web to download YouTube videos, single videos as well as whole collections such as:
– complete playlists and show lists;
– users’ channels;
– all videos from personal playlists (History, Liked, Favourites, Watch later, etc.);
– artist’s playlists;
– videos from Movies Category;
– videos from Music Category;
– videos from YouTube charts;
– video responses.

Free YouTube Download combines simplicity of usage as well as advanced downloading features which you can set as you like:
– download videos in original YouTube quality or convert them to AVI, MP4, WMV;
– enjoy multistream downloading;
– customize output name easily;
– save and load links from external text files;
– save download history;
– import videos to iTunes automatically;
– download videos which require YouTube authorization via Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome;
– enable compatibility with screen reading software.

Free YouTube Download contains no spyware or adware. It’s clearly free and absolutely safe to install and run.

As a thank-you for this great program and other great programs this company produces, I subscribed to their Facebook page. If you liked their program (I am pretty sure that you will), I suggest that you subscribe to their Facebook page as a small return for their great free programs. Here is the link:

Finally, here is the link to the page where you can download “Free youtube Download”.

I highly recommend this video. I have used this program since more than 1.5 years, and till now, I haven’t found any thing negative about it. Not a single error did I face when I used this program to download hundreds of videos from YouTube.

Anatomy videos by Dr. Ahmed M. Kamal: How to download my whole channel on watch the videos offline? For those of you not interested in “anatomy”, you can read this tutorial just an example.

To download YouTube videos  and watch them offline, follow the following steps. I am sure that watching these videos offline would be easier for most students taking into considerations that the extent of internet use is still low in most arab countries (isn’t it?) not to mention the absence of high speed connections.

Downloading the videos certainly will decrease the number of views of the videos on my channel. This is to clarify more the fact that I did not upload these videos for fame or financial gain. This is in particular to someone who once contacted  me alluding that I might be “profiting” form publishing these videos!!!

What about the permission of Dr. Ahmed M. Kamal? My explanation is still the same; it is the one I wrote more than two years ago and is placed in the “Description” of each 400+ anatomy videos I published.


  1. If you want to download my whole channel, copy its URL: If you want to download specific playlist, such as, “Upper Limb”, find its URL then copy it: Do the same for other playlists either in my channel or in any place in YouTube!
  2. Open “Free YouTube Download”.
  3. Click on the “Paste Button”.
  4. The program will take a short time analyzing the channel; notice the word “Checking”. You can choose the “Quality” of the videos to be downloaded. The program can download the videos in multiple formats; the higher the definition, the larger the size of the downloaded video, and subsequently, the longer the time for the downloads to finish!
  5. The number of videos will appear.
  6. You can specify which videos to or not to download by clicking on the “Playlist” blue link.


6. Click the image button to start downloading and wait until all videos are finished downloading. All done automatically without the need of any further interference on your behalf.

Happy Studying!!!

I cannot understand why wikipedia does not allow advertisements? A personal appeal to Jimmy Wales!!!

Since weeks, I see a nagging advertisement on top of every page of wikipedia. In this advertisement, there is always someone new who is trying to convince the readers of donating money to wikipedia.


This is an example. A personal appeal from an indian wikipedia author “Dr. Sengai Podhuvan”.


I can not understand why wikipedia can not allow ads to be published?

According to its founder (Jimmy Wales):

image“Commerce is fine. Advertising is not evil. But it doesn’t belong here. Not in  Wikipedia” Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder.
Source: Wikimedia foundation


Why Mr. Jimmy? Why adverstising doesn’t belong to wikipedia? Is nagging us with a banner for donation better? I have been seeing this banner since at least 1 month ago… If you had allowed an advertisement to be placed instead of this appeal, surely, wikipedia could have generated much more money than the amount it is asking to be donated!!!

Update 23.12.2011, 22:33:
Am I “self-inconsistent” by writing the above? Thanks to “anonymous” for raising this question.

<p><em>If I knew that an ad that generates money is placed on the top of the page of the website that I want to prosper more and more, then I am happy not only to see one ad… but tens of them… </em></p> </blockquote>


In my opinion, wikipedia is an important milestone in the history of mankind. Yes, it created a new standard for sharing knowledge. This has been done without ads. Yes. But wouldn’t allowing ads help boost this amazing and noble project? Wouldn’t it allow wikipedia to expand more and more?

Mr. Jimmy, the problem is that you are not providing a logical reason for not accepting ads. The only reason that you are providing is that you just want to “be different”. Yes, you were successful. But you did “something different” in a way that negatively affects your great project.

When I founded Wikipedia, I could have made it into a for-profit company with advertising banners, but I decided to do something different. We’ve worked hard over the years to keep it lean and tight. We fulfill our mission, and leave waste to others.




p align=”center”>Ads: Why not?


p align=”center”>I respect a person’s decision if it is based on a logical reason… not to mention deciding it in order just to “be different”  and ignoring “logic” in the way…

Panormaic view from top of my house created using “Kolor autpano Giga 2.5”

Photo0437 Photo0438 Photo0439 Photo0440 Photo0441 Photo0443 Photo0444 Photo0445 Photo0446 Photo0447 Photo0448 Photo0449

I took the above “12” photos using the 5 MP camera of my Nokia X2-00 cell phone. I merged them into one photo using a special program called “Kolor Autopano Giga”. This program does not require any special knowledge or training. With a few clicks, it automatically generates one panoramic photo.

Here is the resultant photo. Click on it to be able to see more details; you will be taken to the same photo in my Picasa account. To zoom in, one of the buttons in the picasa page is a “zoom in” button in the form of a “magnifying glass image.

Click to go to the same photo in my picasa accout. There, you can zoom in the photo to see more details.


I have written about the same program in 16.08.2009. Click here to read the post and see another photo that I created using an earlier version of the program. It is because of how enthusiastic and impressed that I am writing for the second time about this program.