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Thanks شكراً Danke

A simple idea for your blog: Why not to show apprreciation to the top commenters in your Blog?

Show appreciation


I have a blog since more than 6.5 years. I have comments between now and then. The statistics page of my wordpress blog says that I have a total of 911 comments, which translate into an average of 16 comments per month.

Most commenters in my Blog make one or two comments and then disappear. Nonetheless, I have dedicated commenters who always come back or had made many comments in my Blog. Do not you have such commenters?

The top commenters in my Blog are one of the information that is shown in the statistics page of my free wordpress blog

“The top commenters” is one of the information that is shown in the statistics page of my free wordpress blog

Today, the following idea crossed my mind. I have never done this before in my 6.5-year-old blogging journey. I decided to show to the whole world who the most commenters in my blog are. Therefore, I published a whole post to mention their names, and above all, to thank them:

Mjalle Bawalsah, Tania, Mazen Kheetan, Michael Zeleny, and Absolutesardonics: The top five all-time commenters in the Blog of Moa’bite since its establishment in 05/05/2007

It is simple. I hope that they like it. Will you do the same to the top commenters in your blog? Otherwise, do you think that there is no need for this? Do you think that my idea is not good?

Source of photo: http://wordfc.org/?page_id=2128

Mjalle Bawalsah, Tania, Mazen Kheetan, Michael Zeleny, and Absolutesardonics: The top five all-time commenters in the Blog of Moa’bite since its establishment in 05/05/2007

Among the different statistics that wordpress freely offer to blog owners is statistics about the commenters (here is a post about all statistics offered by WordPress). I thought I would dedicate a post to the top commenters in my Blog since its establishment in 05/05/2007. I have never published such a post in my life.

Before putting the list, I need to explain two points:

1) WordPress counts the comments of the blog owner in its statistics. Therefore, I sit on the top of the list of the commenters on my blog.

2) When people make comments in wordpress blog, they are asked to provide an obligatory email address. Comments that for each email are counted separately. For example, a person who made 11 comments with his email address example1@example.com, and then made 11 comments with another email address example2@example.com. This means that this person will have two different counts of his comments regardless whether he typed the same name when he made all the 22 comment.

To summarize, I should exclude myself from the list. The comments of a person who made commetns using two different e-mail addresses should be summed together.

Based on the above, the top all-time commenters in my blog are:

1) Mjalle Bawalsah (مجلي بوالصة)

2) Tania

3) Mazen Kheetan

4) Michael Zeleny

5) Absolutesardonics

Mjalle Bawalsah, Tania, Mazen Kheetan, Michael Zeleny, and Absolutesardonics: The top five all-time commenters in the Blog of Moa’bite since its establishment in 05/05/2007

Mjalle Bawalsah, Tania, Mazen Kheetan, Michael Zeleny, and Absolutesardonics: The top five all-time commenters in the Blog of Moa’bite since its establishment in 05/05/2007

N.B. Comments of Mr. Mjalle Bawalseh (مجلي بوالصة) are split into two 11s because he used two different emails to make comments in my blog.

The Commenters: Since this is something that I did only once during the 6.5 years, I want to explain a little bit about the top commenters.

1) Mr. Mjalle Bawalsah: The first comment of him in my Blog was on  and his last comment was today. We come from the same village (Smakieh). He is an English teacher. Just like many people in my village, I just know them in name and shape. I never interacted with them. This was the case with Mr. Bawalseh until he came to know me through my Blog. I met him only one time in person after that. It is my honor Mr. Bawalsah

2) Tania: The first comment of her in my blog was on and the last comment was on. I do not know any information about Miss Tania except her name and the comments that she posted in one posts of mine. The post about the closure of the free books site Library.nu. This posts is the most commented post in my Blog. Actually, most of Tania’s comments were not with me but with other commenters in the post.

3) Mazen Kheetan: He is a friend of mine. We went to the same university. He made a lot of comments at the beginning of my establishing this Blog. Acutally, he was virtually the only commenters in the first two years of the establishing of my Blog. Thank you my dear friend. You always impressed me by your English 🙂 You motivated me to improve my English, particularly my vocabulary.

4) Michael Zeleny:Like Miss Tania, I do not know anything about Mr. Zeleny except his name and the comments he made on the posts about Library.nu and another related post about it. His most comments were with other users that made commets in the same posts.

5) Abssolutesardonics: I do not the real name of this person. This is a title of a Jordanian Blog. Its owner uses it as a commenting neckname. The last comment of this user in my Blog was in 14/09/2009. I never heard from him again. The date of the last commen in his/her blog (www.absolutesardonics.wordpress.com) is also 14/09/2009. Where is absolutesardonics now? I hope that he/she is well.

Thank you all for having the time to write your precious ideas and opinions in my blog. I hope that I added something useful to your information. I learnt a lot too by reading your comments. Comments are one reason why blogs are great!

Since I am learning German since July, I would like to say thank you again with this beautiful photo that says “Thank you” in German (Danke):

“Thank you” in German (Danke)

“Thank you” in German (Danke). Source: flickr account of Cornelia Kopp

Statistics: The most important reason why I adore wordpress :)



I am a blogger since more than 6.5 years (05/05/2007). I like the free blogging service provided by wordpress. In particular, I like the multiple statistics that wordpress gives about your blog. Whether you want these statistics per day, week, month, quarter, year, or since the first day of establishment of your blog.

If you do not have a blog, then this is how do the statistics for a Blog, 6.5-year-old with  276,218 hits views, look like. The following screenshots are from the statistics page:


Site Stats ‹ Blog of Moa bite — WordPress

Following is each aspect of the statistics in detail:


1. Number of views:

  • Per day:


  • Per week:


  • Per month:





2. The search engine terms that people used and led them to your blog:

  • For today:


  • For yesterday:


  • Summarier for 7 days, 30 days, quarter, year, or all time: The following screenshot is for “all time” search terms for my Blog.


2. The top visited posts and pages:

  • Top visited posts and pages for today:


  • Top visited pages and posts for yesterday:


  • Again, summaries for 7 days, 30 days, quarter, year, or all time: The follwoing screen shot is for all time:



3. Websites that referred visitors to your blog:  Summaries for 7 days, 30 days, quarter, year, or all time. The follwoing screen shot is for all time:



  1. Top clicked links that you posted in your blog: Summaries for 7 days, 30 days, quarter, year, or all time. The follwoing screen shot is for all time:



  1. Summary about comments:
  • Top recent commenter: In the screenshot below,  I am the most common commenter with 284 comments. They count when you post comment on posts in your Blog. The rest are other commenters on my Blog. WordPress asks commenters on Blogs to enter emails when before they publish comments. This email is stored in your Blog and each time the person comments using the same email, event if he changed his name, the comments will be counted under the toal number of comments that the person made in your blog. In addition, when a Blog honor approvs a comment of yours to be published in his/her Blog, next times you use the same to publish a comment, the comment will appear automatically without the blog owner approving it.


  • Most commented posts: Summary for all time only.


  • Summary:


  1. Totals, followers, and shares:





Do you know now why I love wordpress?

My Blog broke the Quarter Million Views: Statistics of my Blog for the Year 2013


  • From the establishment of my Blog at 05/05/2007 – 31/12/2011, I had: ~23,000 views.


  • From 1/1/2012 – 31/12/2012, I had:~89,000 views (Total = 112,000).


  • From 1/1/2013  31/12/2013, I had:


  • My Blog had  reached the quarter million views three days ago. At the time of writing this post, my Blog has total views of:



The Blog of Moa'bite now has +250,000 views

The Blog of Moa’bite now has +250,000 views

What was the time required for my Blog to break the quarter million views? Here is it calculated using Micosoft Excel:


Will I break the half million views next year? If not, when? It will depend on the qaulity and quantity of what I will publish. Will my traveling to Germany give me interesting ideas and topics to share with the world? I highly think so! But will I be more interested in Blogging? Who knows!

You can see also:


For the detailed 2013 report:

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 140,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Why is it a huge disadvantage to Blog in any language other than English?

To avoid any misunderstandings, and of being possibly stamped by my fellow Arabs as a traitor, then I want to clearly and publicly state why I blog in English. What were some of the comments that I got about my obsession with the English language? Why would I be a traitor? The full details are in this post.

Before writing my reasons, I want to clarify that I believe that the issue is not whether to to blog in Arabic or not. It is not!!! It is a matter of whether or not to blog in the “lingua franca” of any age. Lingua franca?

Definition of lingua franca by Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th ed, 2010.

Definition of lingua franca by Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th ed, 2010.

My reasons: Through writing my reasons, I am not trying to promote the English language and to make people do similar to what I do. I am just trying to let people know that I have my reasons… logical reasons 🙂 This does not mean that I am sure that they will convince you, but at least, I hope that you will think that they are logical ones. Aren’t they? If not, why?

Firstly: “The strength of a language is from the strength of its owners قوة اللغة من قوة أهلها”. Arabs are weak in this part of history. As a result, their language is as weak as they are. On the other hand, English-speaking countries have been ruling the world since tens of years now (The USA and Britain). As a result, English is the lingua franka of this time of history. So, by writing in English, I am not only addressing Arabs, but the greatest majority of people on this planet in this part of history. If I were living almost 800 years ago, I would be writing in Arabic. If I were living 1,500 years ago, I would be writing in Latin. If I were living 2000 years ago, I would be writing in Greek, etc. For every time in history, there is a great nation ruling most of the world. The language of this nation is naturally the language of science, politics, literature, etc. As a result, it is wise to use the language of the most powerful so as to address the largest group of people. 

Secondly: The number of new publications in Arabic (whether in literature or science) is almost negligible compared with those in other languages. This also runs on the number of books that are translated into Arabic each year. As a result, it is better to practice English more (in writing) and hence, be able to read and comprehend all of these new publications that come out almost every minute. By writing in English, I am not only expressing  an opinion, but also, I am improving my English.

Thirdly: An Israeli general is reported to have once said: “Arabs do not read. Even if they read, they do not understand”. I don’t know if hatred was the reason behind saying this, but statistics show that Arabs in this part of history do not read a lot and that the bestselling books in Arabic sell only in thousands of copies. So, if I write in Arabic, I am not limiting myself with to a small audience (Arabs and Arabic-speaking people), but also, I am limiting myself with an audience that is mostly not fond of reading.

Fourthly: From my experience of being an Arab, living with Arabs, and from listening and reading about what Arabs think, then I currently strongly believe that Arab people who knows a second language are more open-minded. I think that this runs on any person, of any origin, nationality, language, or faith, etc. Once you get to deal with people who are different from you, then you become more accepting of people who are “different” than you. As a result, in my Blog, I get the chance to have an interaction with a population that I expect to be mostly constituted of “open-minded” people.

Fifthly: I really do not understand the argument that because something is your own, then you need to think of it in the highest standards.It is your tribe, language, religion, country, etc. and you must think of it as being the best. No, there are tribes better than mine, there are languages better than mine, my religion is not perfect, it is very wise to stop here.

So, if you are to write a book in the future, or if you are simply to write a single article to share your opinion with the world, why risk writing it in a language other than English? Why not to have the “world as an audience” by writing in the strongest language nowadays?

Is it a good idea to have a lengthy “About” page for a Blog?

Bored! What a feeling!

Source: Flicker account of Mrs eNil.

I often get asked why do I blog in English not in Arabic. On the 20th of last June, I decided to write my reasons for Blogging in English in the “About” page of this blog. In my Blog, I named this page as “Who is Moa’bite“.  On the 25th of October, I wrote a post giving more details why I published my reasons and I gave examples of comments that I got from my friends about my use of English not Arabic (P.S. I got very interesting comments after that! You can read them below that post).

Since the publication of my reasons for blogging in English, I have been happy with the “Who is Moa’bite’” page of this blog. There was only one problem. I noticed that the “Who is Moa’bite” page Blog became EXTREMELY long. Personally, I do not like a lot lengthy descriptions in the “About” pages of Blogs. But what could I do? The topic of why I blog in English is very important. Moreover, did anybody think that I have a long “About” section?  How long is long?

Less than 3 hours ago, a wordpress Blogger made a very clear comment about how long my “About” section is. I know nothing about this Blogger except that she knows very good German. The reason is that the “About” section of her blog contains very little information about her.

What made this blogger comment that my “About” page is lengthy,  is that I had told her that her Blog’s “About” page contained very little information about her. She responded: “You want to learn more about me? Perhaps I will write a bit more in mine “About” page. What do you think? Your “About” page is in opposite very long”. This “constructive” criticism took place in German:

On the opposite side, is my “About” page very long? The following is a comparison of the number of words in my “About” page and her “About” page. I used Microsoft Word to make the word count. Her about page has “132” words. On the opposite side, my “About” page has 8.45 times words as hers; it has 1,116 words. I think that we are both extremes! Mine being bigger!

The "word count" of words in the Blog of the "mysterious" blogger.

The “word count” of words in the Blog of the “mysterious” blogger.

The "word count" in my Blog.

The “word count” in my Blog.

As a result, I decided to publish a separate post in my Blog that contains my reasons for Blogging in English not in Arabic. Or in general, why I think that it is nowadays a disadvantage to blog in any language other than English.

After making this change, my “About” page is now 57.0% smaller. It now contains 640 words. I think this is better! Right now, I cannot think of a way to make this page shorter. The following text in blue is effectively lengthening it. However, I need to keep it. Who knows, a German professor, or maybe any person with strong German “medical” connections , can help me in what I am dreaming of.

I dream of getting my medical specialty in Germany. Germany is a great country. If I am to become a great and famous doctor, then Germany is one of the few countries in the world to go to. I am not only dreaming but also working to achieve that dream. I need some help, can you help? (Recommendation for training of at least one month duration in a very famous German University Hospital. Why very famous? With little work, I can secure myself a position in any regular hospital in Germany. But, as a non-German, to be accepted in a famous University hospital, then this needs a recommendation. Maybe you can help me. I really want to be a good doctor. I also shall work for the development of any hospital or doctor that will recruit me)

Finally, I thank the mysterious blogger who provided me with the above valuable feedback. I changed mine, will she change hers?

Thank you Miss Rainbowsprout!

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