I am no longer the administrator of “Doctors Going to Germany”

Dear colleagues,

Due to long-term and time-consuming goals in life, I gave up the administration of the group “Doctors Going to Germany” today. I expect that the group will contain about 4.000 members in the next one to two weeks. I gave the administration to a Mr. Teddy Kabel. He is a German man who helped me, and I am sure he helped hundreds of other foreign doctors who are aiming for a medical residency in Germany! To him I am very grateful. I believe that the group is in safe hands with him!

I wish all foreign doctors who are aiming for a medical residency in Germany a lot of luck. But before that, I hope that they read a lot before taking the decision to continue the training here in Germany or in any other country in the world. Every destination has advantages and disadvantages and as they say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” (thinking of things as positive or negative is often subjective). Therefore, read a lot and find yourself the country on earth where it is best for you to do your medical specialization.

Best regards,

Berlin, 28.11.2015

Ruhrgebiet’s English Book Club (REBoC)

Hello fellow book aficionados!

Welcome to the Ruhrgebiet English Book Club (REBoC), the first Ruhrgebiet-based book club! Lovers of fiction and non-fiction alike are welcome to join us as we will be reading and discussing a large range of books. While it is absolutely not required that English is your first language, be advised that we will be reading only books written in English.

We meet on a monthly basis and we follow the traditional book club format. This means that in each meeting we will decide on what book we want to read and discuss it in the meeting that follows. For this reason, whenever we are finished with one book, each group member is encouraged to recommend a book to the group so that we can explore a variety of literature.

We are based in Bochum but can meet anywhere in the Ruhrgebiet region (Dortmund, Bochum, Essen, Duisburg, and everywhere inbetween), depending on what attending members of any given event want.

We look forward to meeting you all!

URL of the meetup group: http://www.meetup.com/de/ruhrgebiet-english-book-club

  • First meetup: “Meet ‘n’ Greet + Decide On Our First Book!”, Saturday 12.12.2015, 16:00, link.

– REBoC-Team
(Description was last updated: 22.11.2015)

Two Great Blogs by Two Foreign Doctors about the Medical Specialisation in Germany

Today and about three weeks ago, I knew that I am not the only foreign doctor that blogs in English about the medical specialization in Germany. I found two great blogs by two Indian doctors who are aiming at a medical specialization in Germany. I totally recommend them. Their web addresses are as follows.

1) www.DrInGermany.blogspot.de: The author writes the following title for his blog and I think that it is self-explainatory, “Journey as an Indian Doctor to Germany!”.

2) www.MedicalPGinGermany.tejasghetia.com: A great blog by another Indian doctor. The title of this blog is interesting, “Medical PG in Germany: [A] Blog connecting the information”. I think that PG stands for “Post-graduate [Doctor]”.

How I passed it: ِAnamnesegespräch für die Fachsprachenprüfung!

# My aim from this video is to share my expereience and help foreign doctors in understanding better what is tested in the Fachsprachenprüfung. Sorry for the mistakes! “Life is too short to learn German!’

**** Language mistakes are tolerated. But it is a huge problem when you use Lateinisch with the patients. It is wrong therefore to ask the patient: “Haben Sie Diabetes/Hypertonie? Haben Sie Appendizektomie gehabt” — Correct is to use the “German words”: Haben Sie Zuckerkrankheit? Bluthochdruck? Haben Sie Blinddarmenfernung gehabt?”

*** The challenging-question I gave of Herr Müller having severe abdominal pain and demanding analgesics: Should one give or withold analgesics in case of acute abdomen until a diagnosis is reached? I thought the answer was “withold the analgesics”. But it seems this was the situation “for decades” (reference: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21249672). Now, according to the previous Cochrane review from 2011, “This strategy has been questioned by some studies that have shown that the use of analgesia in the initial evaluation of patients with AAP leads to a significant reduction in pain without affecting diagnostic accuracy.”

Unfortunately, I do not have enough experience neither here in Germany nor in Jordan. So, maybe you can help in answering if Herr Müller could get analgesics at the time of the history-taking or not. I think one can wait until after the physical examination. What do you think?

# Posts in my blog about the Facharztausbildung in Germany: http://amanfrommoab.com/category/doctors-going-to-germany/

# For detailed information about the Fachsprachenprüfung (in der Ärztekammer in Münster), please read this post, which also contains the template history file that I used in the video: http://www.amanfrommoab.com/2015/03/19/my-experience-fachsprachenprufung-in-der-arztekammer-in-munster-medical-german-language-test/

# Or from this link you can download the word file, and please remember: ““There is no correct sequence of the clinial examination. The correct sequence is YOUR SEQUENCE. Just develop your own sequence and always stick to it!””: http://amanfrommoab.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Patientenprofil.docx
# Other useful links and posts:
– Facebook Group Doctors Going to Germany: http://amanfrommoab.com/2014/07/11/facebook-group-sharing-information-doctors-going-germany/

– My Experience and Required Documents: Applying for Approbation in Bezirksregierung Arnsberg: http://amanfrommoab.com/2014/10/21/experience-applying-approbation-bezirksregierung-arnsberg-2014-10-21/

– Do you want to quickly get the Approbation?

Recommendation: Learn German by a German native speaker teacher online via Skype for unbelievably low prices

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Finally, I do not have any conflict of interest with this company/institute.