Summarized: Steps of Medical Specialty in Germany! خطوات الإختصاص الطبي في ألمانيا

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  1. Hello ,
    Thank you for the very informative blog. I graduated from the Jordan University of Science and Technology and I recently got a Job Offer in Dortmund, so i will have to apply for the Approbation/Berufserlaubnis in Munster. I would appreciate it if you could answer a few questions.
    – Do you know any Doctors form Jordan who go the approbation without the Gleichwertigkeitspruefung in Muenster?
    – I read that you got the Gleichwertigkeit without doing the exam. Can you please tell me which syllabus you used ? Because the syllabus from JUST has alot of different things in comparison to the one here in Germany

    Thank you for your help

    • Hi Fadi,

      – Dortmund ist part of Arnsberg. In Arnsberg, at least 90% of Jordanian doctors get Gleichwertigkeit. I know two doctors from JUST who got there gleich.
      – One need to use the syllabus of his university! Like I said, the syllabus/curriculm of JUST got gleich in Arnberg. But this is now alwys the case (with all universities). Some doctors from the same batch will get gleich or not gliech! Long story short, use the syllabus of your university. Read abou the steps of legitimation TASDEEQ in the blog.

      Best wishes.

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