A new Blog in German by a German living in Jordan: “Arabbayer: Ein Bayer im arabischen Exil”

If you are Jordanian, know German, and intenrested in reading German blogs, then the following blog might interest you:

The blog’s address is: http://arabayer.wordpress.com. It is titled “Ein Bayer im arabischen Exil” (A Bayer in Arabic Exile).

This blog is by a German langauge teacher. According to the third post in his blog (titled, “Ankunft in Amman (Arrival in Amman)”, the “Bayer” arrived in Jordan on 3/3/3014. He will be teaching at the German Jordanian University and will be staying in Jordan for a year. In his blog, he is writing about his daily life here in Jordan. He is writing more or less every two days.

The blog content is interesting like its title “A Bayer in Arabic Exile”.

I highly recommend it.

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