A simple idea for your blog: Why not to show apprreciation to the top commenters in your Blog?

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I have a blog since more than 6.5 years. I have comments between now and then. The statistics page of my wordpress blog says that I have a total of 911 comments, which translate into an average of 16 comments per month.

Most commenters in my Blog make one or two comments and then disappear. Nonetheless, I have dedicated commenters who always come back or had made many comments in my Blog. Do not you have such commenters?

The top commenters in my Blog are one of the information that is shown in the statistics page of my free wordpress blog

“The top commenters” is one of the information that is shown in the statistics page of my free wordpress blog

Today, the following idea crossed my mind. I have never done this before in my 6.5-year-old blogging journey. I decided to show to the whole world who the most commenters in my blog are. Therefore, I published a whole post to mention their names, and above all, to thank them:

Mjalle Bawalsah, Tania, Mazen Kheetan, Michael Zeleny, and Absolutesardonics: The top five all-time commenters in the Blog of Moa’bite since its establishment in 05/05/2007

It is simple. I hope that they like it. Will you do the same to the top commenters in your blog? Otherwise, do you think that there is no need for this? Do you think that my idea is not good?

Source of photo: http://wordfc.org/?page_id=2128

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