Panoramic view of the whole Northern Border of the village of Smakieh, Karak, Jordan صورة بانوراما لكل الحد الشمالي لقرية السماكية

I come from a small village in the South of Jordan called Smakieh. My village is inhabited by approximately 3,000 people. The village, like our governorate Karak, has a long history since at least two thousand years.

This post is mainly to show how large (or small?) is my village. Well, the following panoramic view of the village can give an idea about that. This panorama shows the entire northern border of my village. Please click here to see the village in Goolge Maps

(The panorama is resized. To see it in a much bigger size in my Picasa account, then click here please. In the new page that will appear, click on the magnifier to zoom. You can see very clear details)

The photo here is resized. To see it in full, click on it. It is 14.6 MB in size. It is the result of 22 photos that I combined together using the great program Kolor Autopano Giga 2.5. This is a computer program that automatically, with one click and with absolutely no user experience required, combines into one Panorama all photos that were taken in sequence. To give you a better understanding, I post the 22 individual photos that Kolor Autpano Giga 2.5 combined to produce the Panoramic view above.

Finally, I took these 22 photos using OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA, VG110,D700. That was in 25.04.2013, around 12 PM.

The individual photos:


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  1. nice pictures

    • Thanks a lot 🙂 And yes, I could not, and probably cannot, meet you in person: Mabrook Gobool Al-Tib. 3ogbal ma abarek elak baltakharoj 🙂

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