For Medical Students: Normal values for laboratory investigations, BP, and BMI (USMLE-friendly)

We teach our students that they should not believe us. Do not believe your professors! - Dr. Kevin Hantrey

How can you trust the summarized information in the below documents? If some professors, somewhere, are teaching their students not to trust them, how come that you trust a colleague of yours? I head the above statement personally from Dr. Hanretty at a conference here in Jordan. “I should not believe what you have been telling me so far?” I exlamied perplexed after I heard that weird statement. Dr. Hanretty then explained to me that what he means is that students should always look into the correctness of the information given to them by their professors and not take things for granted. Respect!

Therefore, the  source of the normal lab values below are:

Unless specified, most of the values are from “Step 1: Content Description & General Information 2012”, p. 22, The remaining few are from “Reference Intervals for Laboratory Tests & Procedures”, ch.708, Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 19th ed, 2011.

The following a printer-friendly PDF version. I designed it so that the most possible information will fit in one page. The page has zero borders.

Download (PDF, 462KB)

In case you wanted to make any changes to my file, then this is word version:

Download (DOC, 244KB)

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