How to know about forthcoming Medical Conferences in Jordan? معرفة مواعيد المؤتمرات الطبية التي ستعقد في الأردن

As a medical student, I found it very hard to discover about forthcoming medical conferences in Jordan. The website of Jordan Medical Association, unfortunately, doesn’t provide this service.

It turned out that there is a Jordanian website that keeps track of the Medical conferences that are to be held in Jordan. This service is provided by a Jordanian Medical Magazine. This magazine, as they describe themselves in this page, are the “only specialized Medical Magazine in Jordan”. Their magazine is very interesting and is always beautifully designed. I sent a them a message on their facebook group and was sent the following link:

معرفة مواعيد المؤتمرات الطبية التي ستعقد في الأردن

 لمعرفة المؤتمرات الطبية التي ستعقد في الأردن. لا تتوجه إلى موقع نقابة الأطباء الأردنية لأنهم لا يقدمون هذه الخدمة. على العكس، توجه إلى هذه الصفحة في موقع مجلة طبية أردنية بعنوان: “الصفحات الطبية الأردنية”. الرابط موجود في الأعلى.


:تحديث 27-06-2013

حتى لو عرفت أن هناك مؤتمر سيقام بعد شهر أو شهرين؟ كيف ستتذكر ذلك؟ من سيقوم بتذكيرك عندما يقترب موعد المؤتمر؟ ماذا لو تغير موعد المؤتمر؟

Event الآن يمكن لفيسبوك أن يقوم بتذكيرك تلقائيا بكل مؤتمر وذلك من خلال

:خاص بكل مؤتمر وذلك على صفحة خاصة على الفيسبوك أنشئتها لهذه الغاية

Medical Conferences in Jordan صفحة مؤتمرات طبية في الأردن

Medical Conferences in Jordan صفحة مؤتمرات طبية في الأردن

كيف يمكن أن تتلقى تنبيه من صفحة "مؤتمرات طبية في الأردن بمجرد أي ينزل إعلان أي مؤتمر جديد. قم بوضع إشارة صح كما في الصورة.

كيف يمكن أن تتلقى تنبيه من صفحة “مؤتمرات طبية في الأردن بمجرد أي ينزل إعلان أي مؤتمر جديد. قم بوضع إشارة صح كما في الصورة.

Medical Conferences in Jordan Facebook Page صفحة فيسبوك بعنوان مؤتمرات طبية في الأردن

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  1. Correction 21.09.2012: Today, I discovered that Jordan Medical Association has a newly designed website. It is really something of an “extreme makeover” of the old website. In this new website, there is a whole section dedicated to Medical Conferences. Why haven’t they done that long time ago? Anyhow, here is the link:

    Who provides a better service: Jordan Medical Pages or the Jordan Medical Association? Well, the Jordan Medical Association page lists all medical conferences in one page. Jordan Medical Pages, on the other hand, makes this a complicated process by only posting the titles of the conferences in a column to the right of the screen. Therefore, you must click on the title of each conferences in order to get further details about it. Most importantly, when is it going to be held.

    On the other hand, I can see that after visiting the page of each conference, a poster of the conference or more information are provided about it. This thing is not provided in the website of Jordan Medical Association.

    To sum up, I will head to the web site of Jordan Medical Pages to know details about forthcoming medical conferences. To see a chronological order of the conferences that are to be held, I will go the website of Jordan Medical Association.

  2. Could you provide me the medical conferences time in Jordan

    • Thank you for your question.

      I created a facebook page especially for this purpose. It is called Medical Conferences in Jordan and can be found at:

      To save your time and see all the conferences that will be held in the coming months and that we know about (10 before the end of this year), you can visit the event’s section the page above:

      Click on any event (representing a conference) to see its details. To make facebook remind you of this conference, then choose “join” to this conference. Just like any other facebook event, or friend’s birthdays, facebook will automatically remind you with the conference as soon as it is close to occur. Moreover, if we knew further information about that conference, we will publish it in its event’s page. Immediately, facebook will notify you with these new information.

      Like the page and you will keep updated with future conferences that we know about. They will appear in your news feed. However, to be sure that you do not miss anything, you can do the following to get notification of each new event that we post information about:

      If you have any questions or suggestoins, then you are most welcome.
      Best regards.

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