1. Very sad and frustrated that this has happened, that site had everything I needed. 🙁

  2. Since yesterday I have been receiving this message from library.nu you have been banned from this site
    for failing to read, understand and follow the rules of the site
    As i’m using the site as always used, simply to download linguistics books. There is no reason for a ban. So, I think this is a polite way to say, we are shuting doors and for sure you are not having access.
    Other mates are also receiving strange messages, as we lost your login…
    Very sad for a very good site. What will come next?

    • Didn’t you spent minutes, or maybe hours, trying to figure out what is wrong with your account? Do you think that the person who came with this idea was successful in delivering the “bad news” in a “polite way”? Couldn’t he have simply announced that the site is shutting down? If he was successful in something, then he was successful in prolonging the life of library.nu by one day… before we all realized that it has been shut down!

  3. I have the same problem. I’m being redirected to http://books.google.com/books. Hope everything comes back again. It was a great site.

  4. Really, a great informative site I have ever seen….

    No other site even near-to-match the resources kept by library.nu

    I appreciate the admin of the site for their efforts of FREE delivery of valuable books.

  5. now they stopped sending reply 🙁

  6. A sad day indeed for scholars everywhere. This is comparable to burning of the library of Alexandria. Thank you library.nu for all the things I learned. You will be missed.

  7. i really depressed when i heard this info but i think maybe virus want to hack my account so i delete message away. ofcourse since i study bachelor i get alot of book from gigapedia. until library.nu and now how can i get free book?

  8. I loved library.nu. It was a great website with a good collection of free books. I will miss you<3 Sites like library.nu shouldn't shut down, instead they should be promoted for giving access to free knowledge and information. During my undergrad, this website helped me a lot by giving me access to important books that I needed to read, but didn't have the money to buy. Please comeback, I NEED YOU:(

  9. people are sad, depressed and wht not feeling bad about this ban. BUT why?? library.nu and many more sites were violating copy write laws, simply an illegal site isnt it!. loads of losses to publishing houses and writers.

    its just the right thing to do better late than never.

    • Shabazz is wrong for the following reasons
      Firstly saying that the use of such websites will lead to writers and publishes losing income and therefore jobs is erroneous. Firstly, it assumes that if you downloaded the book that you would have bought it, which isn’t always the case even if SOPA and ACTA what to treat it as such. Some people download so many books that they wouldn’t have the disposable income to purchase the books at the cover price. Secondly many people buy second hand books which doesn’t result in any income to writers and publishes, should we ban these sales as well.
      The site was about the promotion on knowledge which is the highest good in any society. Each so called copyrighted book doesn’t contain isolated knowledge but builds upon ideas and opinions discussed elsewhere in other books. Furthermore, some of the most copyrighted stories are copies are of other peoples work. Look at Disney, nearly all of its so called classic works, the little mermaid, Cinderella and Pinichinno to name but a few were created by someone else. Disney simple drew a few pictures and stole the story .
      Copyright is legalised theft. Starbucks owns the word’ Venti’ which is ridiculous it’s twenty in the Italian language. How dare the judge give ownership of the word to starbucks. Are Italian cafes supposed not to use their own language. What’s next will someone copyright the alphabet. Even the song happy birthday to you is copyrighted so technically you should be paying someone when you sing it are your childs birthday. 80% of the human body is under copyright from some sort of medical company. They don’t even use it for research they simple want to charge universities for the right to carry out research that will benefit humanity. Lots of unis don’t conduct research on cancers because they can’t afford to pay the patent troll which owns the copyright. Copyright doesn’t benefit society it simple makes the already extremely rich 1% richer. Microsoft keeps 50% of its workers on a temporary contract, do you think that if everyone buys a copy of windows these people will get permanent contracts!!! Yeah right

    • what happens when you go to a used book store and buy a book for a quarter, do you think the publishing houses get a cut of that???

    • mr sherbaaz., there is something called copyleft as well and library .nu is a very good example of it. publishing houses always hike up prices in keeping with their capitalist agenda of getting maximum for the minimum.authors are no better , they treat their own work like a commodity but when someone else does so then it becomes a question of artistic expression.
      what we all former users of the site should do is to share our collected resources online and help in the spread of more free knowledge in a free world.i myself have over a couple of hundred books and i am sure most of its users have a lot by now.PROCLAIM YOUR FREEDOM FROM THE HEGEMONY OF MERCENERAY PUBLISHING HOUSES AND AND CAPITALIST LAWS MEANT ONLY TO DECAPACITATE THE COMMON MAN/WOMAn.

  10. fellas…..library.nu is working, but from a different url. try https://ssl.library.nu/account:signin

    donot forget to thank me 🙂

  11. i’m so sorry this has ever happened, i found my favorite books on this wbsite and it helped me through my first baby steps in the reading life . rest in peace library nu . our hats are off to you

  12. It is sad, that the legendary repository of knowledge faded away… I have gained an immense amount of knowledge through this site. Who ever has hosted the site for such a long period, Hats off to them! Free knowledge to all!

  13. I have a proposal. We have to send several emails, as many as we can with all the users of library.nu to smiley. They got to offer us a new source to download books, all the resorces should be in some place, some hard disk or something and make a new site.
    Kind regards to everybody

  14. You can still access the site: Try the “secret” login link and then go the URL http://library.nu/shelves , or some other section of the site. Just the main page isn’t working..

  15. ^– Please delete my comment in 24 hours.

  16. this is not good for book lovers.
    library.nu is banned for users.

  17. Knowledge is the superior social good.

    Shutting down sites like library.nu is a disgrace to what we call “human civilization”.

    Free knowledge to all!

  18. Anyone having a link to a torrent to download all the books?

    I remember seeing some torrents, but with md5 hashes for file names. That was terrible. Torrents with book titles fine names?

  19. I’ll miss library.nu 🙁 I can’t login anymore at all. RIP.

  20. Everybody, go dl these book torrents:

    (I am not that pb user.)

  21. I can login but only get a blank page

  22. I suggest that some of our friends in India have the talent to host the library.nu and let us know how to access. Come on some talented friends we need your help here now.

  23. mr sherbaaz., there is something called copyleft as well and library .nu is a very good example of it. publishing houses always hike up prices in keeping with their cxapitalist agenda of getting maximimum for the minimum.authors are no better , they treat their own work like a commodity but when someone else does so then it becomes a question of artistic expression.
    what we all former users of the site should do is to share our collected resources online and help in the spread of more free knowledge in a free world.i myself have over a couple of hundred books and i am sure most of its users have a lot by now.PROCLAIM YOUR FREEDOM FROM THE HEGEMONY OF MERCENERAY PUBLISHING HOUSES AND AND CAPITALIST LAWS MEANT ONLY TO DECAPACITATE THE COMMON MAN/WOMA.

  24. Anjuman made a point. If all the users of library.nu join our documents we could resurrect the site and make it available again. I am a strong advocate of free knowledge spreading. Knowledge makes the world a better place, the more we know and understand their dirty games, the more they will crack on the free knowledge spreading. I am more than willing to financially contribute to various authors whose books I have downloaded but I will NOT give a penny to a corporation in Wall Street or in FTSE etc..the publishing corporations suck (Wiley, McGraw Hill, Elsevier…). So yeah if some our friends in Asia pull their sleeves up we could do this, just upload our individual books and the job is done (and I’ve got thousands of engineering and scince books from different torrents and share sites).

  25. hope is not lost… Cyberlockers are no longer an effective means of download content.

    LibraryPirate.me has 6000+ textbook torrents and is growing daily. If anyone has books from library.nu you should upload them here as torrents!!!

  26. tell one simple thing is it legal to have such sites as per the law of nation and secondly ppl are not even int in spending a quarter on second hand books.

    we have the habit of saying this thing is wrong that thing is wrong as soon as somebody drag us out of our comfort zone. same thing happened by banning these sites and rightly so.

    why dont buy second hand book?? no we want at the click of a button and as fast as possible without paying a cent.

    • Not everyone has a second hand bookshop at the next door. Plus certain books are very difficult to find in print, not to even mention certain regions in the world where there isn’t even a book shop. An embodiment of that fact is this book I needed for a project at school and have been looking for millenia: Methanol synthesis technology by S. Lee. I first begun with amazon.com who kindly told me the book was ubavailable. I then tried adlibris.com, abebooks.co.uk, bookamilion etc the major stores online did not have it. I then tried every second hand bookshop in the DC area, in NY city and in Houston, the book was no where to be found. I even availed of a travel to London to look around, nada! I am fortunate enough to be able to move around mind you!

      Believe me or not, all bookshops in the world – at least the major ones- claim that the book is out of print and unavailable. As I am typing these lines, they still claim the book is not available and this is just an example out of many. After 8 months of painful and unsuccessful search, I finally got clued in by a class mate and tried my chance on one the torrents out there and I found the book in an acceptable djvu quality!!
      So in the end it’s not that ppl don’t want to spend money, but it’s about freedom of acquiring knowledge and also evading the restrictions imposed by conglomerates and bandits in white collars. I strongly believe that the spread of knowledge at affordable cost makes the world a better place to be in. A publishing compnay like McGraw Hill made billions of profits and owns Standard and Poor’s one of the very rating agencies which bought about the problems the world faces today, its shares are up. Most of the authors only get the bony part of the meat, the flesh goes to Wall Street.

  27. I don’t have any problem paying for books. library.nu was fast and efficient. Many of the books are unavailable on sites like amazon.com. Access to culture should be cheap and fast. I can only hope that even publishers understand that they can make better money providing cheaper access to a wider public. Digital publications ARE in fact cheaper since the price contains the intellectual work, editing and copyright. She who wants a hard copy should pay for it. Innitiatives like library.nu made research simpler, faster and more flexible. And I really don’t mind paying for this kind of service. Publishers should join a common, global platform. Let us not depend anymore on poor and local accesses. I am not against copyright, but I am against rigidity and narrowmindedness.

  28. Dear Shabazz and Sherbaaz or whoever is in defence of library,nu’s death,

    My regular monthly income is a little more than 325 euros per month. My wife earns a little less than 300. We have to eat and pay bills too. I live in Romania and I teach art. If one imagines the bookstores in my town in Romania full of art books that person is utterly wrong. If one imagines I have all the books that I need for my PhD in the libraries in my town in Romania that person is also utterly wrong. The second hand books that I can buy are at least 20 years old and they are published in Socialist Romania during Ceausescu’s regime when everything was heavily censored. On top of that amazon.com does not deliver books in my country. If online, I have to buy at least five books at a time and pay an additional amount of money to a transportation company or wait around one or two years before I can make another trip to London or Berlin and spend all my savings, not on a vacation but on the books that I need. Believe me, this is what my colleagues and I are doing for years. Every time I go abroad I spend all my stipends on books and carry dozens of kilos of books in my luggage, not presents for dear ones at home as I am sure you would do, Shabazz and Sherbaaz. instead of buying my wife a 50 euro perfume, I buy two or three books. Even so it is simply not enough for a sustainable academic environment. I found books on library.nu that I did not know they even existed. I downloaded them and red them in e-format and when in London I bought them in hard copy from the bookstore. I found books online and then suggested my department to acquire them for the library of the Faculty. I have a regular income, but think about my students who don’t heave even what I have.
    For you it might seem just a comfort zone, but for us – HERE – it is intellectual survival. Let me tell you that culture would get stuck in many regions of the globe if it wasn’t for piracy. I am an academic and I consider theft as immoral, but I can find perfect justification for this theft. And I would not even call it a theft, I would call it and investment in brain development, an investment that the publisher associations fail to see. Imagine who reads the medical books stored on ifile.it. It is probably medical students in a country like mine who will save lives in a few years. Just think about that.

    • well said dan , do u know about http://www.torproject.org/ it has hidden webservices which provides access to all pirated stuff in a completely hidden network.

    • Dear Dan,

      Highly empathetic with the “spending all stipends on books on trips abroad” and “intellectual survival” feelings. The various news reports should be titled “Death of Library.nu brings woe to third world academics”.

  29. I agree. You can’t judge this situation by evoking only people from rich countries for the whole market-field we’re facing here is much more complicated. We can also ask why ebooks are so expansive (almost as expansive as paper books)? And the reason is simple – they have to support the growing inventories of unsold paper books! And this is because the whole structure of publishing market, subordinated as it is to the circulation of material goods, is wrong. Yet the conservative lobbies want to keep it in it’s anachronic shape. So basically the situation is the same as in case of those guys from rich countries who don’t want to pay or are too lazy to move their asses to find a book they’re looking for elsewhere – the publishers don’t want to transform their modes of distribution, because they are too stupid and lazy to understand that in wider perspective and longer time it would gain profit for them. And thus they also produce all those people who are deemed as thieves.

  30. I just got a reply that says – February 16, 2012. I am being sued.

  31. Dear Ta Huong, I hope this is sincere empathy and not just sarcasm.

    Jan, very good observation. It is probably the first time in the post-war history when people who want TO READ are becoming criminals.
    The real problem is that: “…the sites’ presentation made customers believe these were legally available. The operators made an estimated turnover of € 8 million ($10,602,400 US) from advertising buys on the sites, donations and sales of premium-level accounts, making it one of the most significant piracy websites in the world…” What if the editors associations did the same – give books for free and get money from advertising instead of inflating the prices of the books? The financial success (if so) of library.nu proves there are other ways of providing access to information. The publishers claim library.nu had at least 400.000 e-books (I bet many were the same title in a different format). So, with all the hiding and restrictions, library.nu made an average 20 euro per e-book. What if this was all legal? Could it be the publishing houses don’t see the gold mine under their feet? If I was the Editors I would hire the team and create a platform with an increased sustainability.

  32. La Estrella Brillante

    I’m pretty shocked to find out today that the site is completely gone. I was their fan since ebooksclub > gigapedia > library.nu. 🙁 It’s helped me with many classes and tests. Oftentimes, I find the digital version of books I couldn’t find anywhere else. So, thank you to Smiley and all the great contributors. You guys have helped many people with your effort and contribution. If you guys ever start a private club, let me know so I can join and donate something.

  33. I willing to share my collection of e-books. We should make it bigger, better, faster, and more.

  34. Dan, I am also from a country with very little resources to do research. Also a penniless academic doing a phd on a shoestring. Would like to share the little I have. Knowledge can be a matter of life and death, as you pointed out, and is a vital resource for us and if I ever manage to finish my phd, a lot of the credt will go to library.nu. Is there a way we can share what we have in common?

  35. sad news, really sad. sader news is that all academic online communities have been either vanished, like hrkfiles or transformed themselves to greedy donation monsters like abcdfree and abcdgate, LNU was a hope for all of us. we should unite in some way, all people from under developed countries and make a viable info sharing community.

    • I deeply agree with you, but the question remains: how to do it? Now I really don’t see any way that would allow us to avoid the lnu fate:-(

  36. Is there any support or defense campaign for the people behind library.nu, or if not, is there a possibility to contact them to ask if there is some way to offer our support?

  37. Now, the problem is IN WHAT WAY can the admins tell us that they are coming back online, probably with different name?

  38. The flow of knowledge has stopped now. We are in dark again. I really miss library.nu Hope the admin will try to solve the problem and try to emerge again.

  39. Agree with everyone on here. Some of the books are very difficult to obtain through monetary means.

    I’m also one with advocacy through the spread of knowledge. It’s the only thing that shapes our society the way we are at the moment, and to stagnate this flow equivocates to the stagnation of mankind in general.

    However, hope is not lost… there’s free-books.us.to in which there are also free books there. You can even find some conference proceedings or lecture series on there as well. Words are that this is even bigger than library.nu.. don’t know if this is true though.

    We should all send an email to smiley as per medical doc’s comment. It should still remain there somewhere, so we can make a new library. This time better than the former library.nu.

    Kind regards to everyone.

  40. It’s saddening to find out that such a site is not accessible anymore. It’s been the best sites for those committed to spread knowledge, one way of helping others develop intellectually, esp. those in developing countries who can’t afford to pay for such resources.

  41. I believe that the admins hold at least one mirror, and they hide this until the issue becomes “cold case” in the near future. It happened many times in many other sites, such as mininova. Trust me, they will be back soon!!

  42. It is really sad to hear the closure of Library. nu. Particularly for young African scholars, who can neither buy nor borrow books, the decision is tantamount to closing our windows and keeping us in darkness.

  43. What you say Tigistu, applies probably to around 80% of the world (if not more), which is really horrifying!

  44. O.M.G. I’m devastated. I’m in the middle of writing my Applied mathematician M.S.c thesis, my university has no subscription with some of the larger publishers, books are not available in printed form, (no, I won’t order it from the USA, forget it) I guess I have to live from what I already have access to. Fortunately Google Scholar provides an excellent way of looking up scientific material.

    Scientific community is an open community. Academic texts are extremely expensive, nobody can expect any academic student, or individual to buy these books, especially considering the fact, that you never know if it actually contains what you expected. Publishers should target their marketings at libraries, provide discounts for financially not-so-well-situated institutions, and instead of the slow paper-based distribution, provide electronic access based on general institution level licences, as many of the publishers in case of by institution (Budapest University of Tech. and Economies) already does. A university can not afford the lose of prestige, not to provide access, they are absolutely your partner in a reasonable agreement.
    The 17 publishers who made library.nu shut down, taken away the opportunity to access scientific material which is otherwise (even if I had the $70-$100 to buy ONE BOOK, from which I need at least FIVE TO TEN to write a master’s thesis, which I don’t) inaccessible in my country (Hungary).

    Guys, If you read this, I accept your loss of income, which you consider damage, but staying on the ground of academic books, please do not preach of author’s damage, as all the actual authors I discusses accepts, that their actual benefits are from the fact, that their work reaches a wide audience and gets cited. With actions of this kind, you are rolling down an iron curtain for a substantial part of the world. Actually, on the academic level you did damage to the authors, you did damage to academic students, and I believe and hope, that you also did damage to yourselves.

    It will be a very long time before I write a book, but if I ever will, it will be available from my homepage, as I believe that my credit would not be taken from me by providing access to the material, and I don’t see it necessary to involve any third party organization in the distribution of knowledge, as information transfer is nowadays not a big issue as it was 200 years ago.

    Congrats. For fellow graduating students in Africa and anywhere with similar issues I wish a successful resolution of the problem.

  45. i am deeply sad for the news

  46. Why the facebook page library.nu is banned as well? Does somebody know?

  47. hopefully Lnu will return (though in different name)

  48. melmale :
    hopefully Lnu will return (though in different name)

    lets hope so.

  49. Gracefully I could download more than thousands books and publications regarding different topics. i hope the LNU guys can return quicky in the meanwhile if anybody need a book just ask me may be I have it

  50. melmale :
    hopefully Lnu will return (though in different name)

    yaa.. lets hope so.. (-_-)!

  51. bookfi(dot)org 🙂

  52. It is indeed a sad occasion, worse than killing a genocide, as the books once destroyed do not revive again. It is a time to mourn the victory of the blood sucking parasite of capitalism….

  53. Why library.nu must die? I need books free.

    • Ibnu :
      Why library.nu must die? I need books free.

      It hasn´t died… Try to read another posts and use it 🙂
      (This is my last advice).

  54. Just noticed it is gone! Where are you Smiley…?

  55. it was really good to browse library.nu. I downloaded so many technical books and made use effectively .bad luck to see it closed…

  56. SlavicMan, since today, the way you suggested seems to be dead too… 🙁

  57. anyone found any way to find books online ? i miss library.nu =(

  58. Why is http://library.nu again up? Is it being watched by AMazon?

  59. Like many scholars who are not at a well funded western university my work in recent years came to depend on library.nu. I made my own contribution by uploading what I could. I had imagined the site was run from Russia or Turkey. I was really amazed, and actually rather pissed off, when it was taken down and I found out it was run from Ireland. Basically the greed of the admins to make some cash from clicks means the people who have put all those books up there have lost them. It should have been located somewhere the copyright lawyers could not easily get to it. It has been a really frustrating six months and nothing seems to be turning up in its place. Hopefully something similar will get going again soon. It seems the only option now is TOR or Freenet or somewhere similarly secure. I wish I had the technical nous to get working myself.

  60. legalreads.com is one alternative

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  62. Library.nu, I miss this website every time i try to find a book on the web.

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