The best things in life happen by chance?


Rabbit Embryo

They say, “the best things in life happen by chance”. Is this saying true? Does it always work? I do not know. But I know for sure that I was not planning at all to take the above pictures. I took them without any care or special attention, I just thought it would be beautiful to take photos of such a rare thing to see. Isn’t it?

To my amazement, the above  photos, and in particular, the last one, have become the main generator of visitors to my Blog. Look at the top 5 search engine terms that brought people to my blog since I established it in 2007. Three of them, are related to these photos:


What is more, whenever a person search for “rabbit embryo” in google images, 2 of the above photos appear as the 2nd and third most relevant images in the search results page out of “About 178,000 results”:


Do you think that “the best things in life happen by chance”? Again and again, I am not sure. But I am sure of the following:

“Since the establishment of my blog in 2007 till today, the most popular search terms that bring people to my blog, are because of photos that I took by chance!”

Update 07.09.2012:  My Rabbit Embryo Photo has gone viral and is being shared by tens of thousands of Arab users on Facebook as an “aborted baby” صورة طفل اجهض .. بالله عليك لا تخرج قبل ان تضغط لايك وتقول سبحان

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  1. about the saying ” “the best things in life happen by chance” I believe it’s true ,,, coz the amount of happiness will be bigger when unexpected beautiful thing happens to us ,, expectation always omit a part of exitation and make our happiness less in quality by increasing the threshold of happiness and making it something we have to gain “as expected!!” ,,,, we are creatures love surprises ,, hidden things , and miracles!!!!

    • “coz the amount of happiness will be bigger when unexpected beautiful thing happens to us” Thank you for this sentence. I totally agree with you.

      “… we are creatures love surprises ,, hidden things , and miracles!!!!” To wait for miracles or “good” surprises to happen, in my opinion, can be a disadvantage. Because people would sit down and just wait for good things to happen instead of working for good things to happen. This reminds me with the following quotation (as I roughly remember it): “Successful people don’t have successful lives because it happened to them by chance! You don’t find your future! You create it.”

      Thank you for passing by.

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