Satellite images showing the close distance from my village –Smakieh- to Fort Bashir in Google Maps


The green circle shows Fort Bashir (Qaser Bashir). I took the image after putting the camera inot a binocular that I have. Read how I took this pohto. Click here!

I used google maps to navigate from my village to Fort Bashir. See how far is Smakieh from Fort Bashir!



Smakieh to fort bashir 1

 Smakieh to fort bashir 2 Smakieh to fort bashir 3 Smakieh to fort bashir 4 Smakieh to fort bashir 5 Smakieh to fort bashir 6 Smakieh to fort bashir 7


p>Smakieh to fort bashir 8

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    A tiny Christian village in Jordan, Smakieh (Smakiye, as-Smakiya, etc) and some nearby digs!

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