Directions to Fort Bashir using google maps (Qasr Bashir) (Qasir Bashir) (Qaser Basher) (Roman Castle) (Jordan)

Satellite Image of Fort Bashir from Google Maps

Click on the above picture to go to google maps website:

Google maps provide interactive maps. Point over the map then use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

You can use your keyboard:

    • ———–> Zoom in
    • ————> Zoom out
  1. The four arrows on the keyboard ————-> Naviagation (Right, Left, Up, Down).

Read about Qasr Bashir in my blog:


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  1. Visit the following post in my Blog to read about Fort Bashir and to see images of this historical Roman Fort:

    Information about Fort Bashir (Qasir Bashir): written about by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt around 1812

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