Amazing Program: Autopano. Create 360 degrees photos!

Kolor Autopano Prog V1.4.0Have you ever wanted to merge many photos in one so as to show more of a landscape?

I always thought such photos are beautiful. A beautiful photo I always remember is one of Jerusalem. This photo gives you a view of the whole city. But could you and I do make such photos?

Here are 5 photos I took using my very old, dying, Nokia N90 phone. I merged them together using a program  called “Autopano”. Sorry, the program merged them. I only had to click a button. The program then automatically merged all of them into one photo. Amazing!

Image986Image985    Image984 Image983












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  1. Moabit is a real desert . how can u live there ??

    • Moab, Modern Karak, is ” a real desert”. Yes!

      Geographically speaking, I don’t love the location of my goverorate. It is located in a derserted area.

      But what can I do? This is the place where my grandparetns chose to erect their tents and later on, build houses!

      What is worst, these photos were taken near the end of last spring. In other words, this is not how the place look like in the Summer. This is more spring rather than summer!

      What about you. It is really nice to hear from you. I hope everything is going on well. What about your Blog. I see that it is still on a “holiday”. Probably, you have a lot of work to do… I can understand!

      Take care and welcome to Smakieh, Karak, Jordan!

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