My first participation in a newspaper

I sent an email today. But will it be accepted by algahd newspaper and be published as my first ever material to be published in a news paper? Will my name be shown in a newspaper all over Jordan. Will I be habe been able to deliver the message of suffering my co-villagers suffer from? Will they publish all of my comment? Will I be able to show it to my friends in the Uni?

But on the other hand, will I be hit? I don’t think so! I was very away from any severe criticism. Will Akef T read my comment? If not, will he know about it?

Was my comment worth it? Will anybody like it?

Will it be published on Friday? It would be a miracle if it was published. I know that I wrote very nice urging words in my email to the editor in order to show him how much is the need for this point of view to be published!

I should call Alghad newspaper tomorrow, should I?

A view came on me right now… I open the news paper on Friday morning… I quickly open the “Messages to the Editor” section…. And here it is… My comment isn’t there! I highly expect that!

Update 01.06.09:
Yes, the alledged ‘view’ that ‘came to your mind’ is true… Your comment wasn’t there! I am not sad because I know that it was a good start! I would love to participate in the future. Why not?

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