Close View of a Rabbit Embryo in my house in Smakieh Karak Jordan



Rabbit Embryo

When I first opened one of the balls, shown in photos one and two, I was amazed at the shape of the Embryo inside (Is what you see in the palm of my hand a fetus or an embryo?)

Does this embryo look like a human embryo? To me, its hands and legs look similar to those of a human embryo. I think!

If there is similarity between the embryos of human beings and rabbits, is this a proof of the “Theory” of Evolution? Is the theory of Evolution true? How can you make sure if evolution is correct? Where is God in all of that? Hard questions that need answers.


Update 31/12/2011: They say, “the best things in life happen by chance”. Is this saying true? Does it always work?… To my amazement, the above  photos, and in particular, the last ones, have become the main generator of visitors to my Blog.  Read more here!

Update 8/9/2012:  The rabbit embryo photo has gone viral and is being shared by hundreds of thousands of Arab users on Facebook as an “aborted human baby”.  So far, it has 125,000+ likes on Facebook! See the details in this post: “My Rabbit Embryo Photo has gone viral and is being shared by tens of thousands of Arab users on Facebook as an “aborted baby” صورة طفل اجهض .. بالله عليك لا تخرج قبل ان تضغط لايك وتقول سبحان”.

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  1. I would rather argue how a god explains an embryo, the fetus and the stages or cycles from conception to birth.

    Nice work detailing evolution, if people could only be the more wiser it would change shape of how we approach life in a more calm and civilized way.

  2. I love your sentence… “we approach life in a more calm and civilized way.”

    “… how does a god explains an embryo, the fetus, and the stage or cycle from conception to birth.”

    Why do we need to study embryology then?

    OK… God is the creator. End of sentence. This is my belief… your belief probably… But can anyone prove this “scientifically”?

    We are trying to understand how “things” works. One method that is able to explain how “things” are working is “evolution”.
    I am not in a position to judge evolution, I know that it is taught in Universities and schools all around the world!

  3. god created everything,we use science to better understand his creations. some people believe in the big bang theory, but what about before the big bang. what about before everything. where did the universe come from. at one time there had to be nothing and how do you get the universe out of nothing. simple, god, but where did he come from. there’s so many questions, most of which we will never have an answer. im not a very religious or anything but ive got to look at life from all perspectives and the god perspective makes sense to me.

  4. Mr. Kevin,

    In my humbled opinion, science has nothing to do with religion or with God. If we understand embryology, for example, I can not understand how can this relate to the existence or non-existence of God?

    You can prove, scientifically, for instance, that the “standard acceleration due to free fall” equals 9.8065 m/s2. But here is the best part, no body can disagree with you. As long as you scientifically proved something, like in physics for example, no body can not accept what you discovered no matter what. As long as they do not bring another evidence, they have to accept the results no matter they liked you or not.

    Some are saying that there are ghosts around us… Others say that there are angles, daemons, and probably many other “things”. But can religious people prove their existence? Apart from what they have in their scriptures, I have never heard another proof!!!

    My point here: God and its existence is not a formula or a chemical interaction that we can understand. He is supposed to be bigger than this!!! If there is evidence supporting the existence of God 100%, then how is “believing in God” different than accepting a scientific theory that is proven by experimentation to be absolutely accurate?

    Thank you for the nice comment.

  5. There is no explanation as to how this came about. Did you kill the mother rabbit just to look at the dead babies? I find it disturbing.

    • Miss Joan,

      Thank you for your question. I can assure you that this was not done for the sake of having some fun.

      Thank you.


  7. I think that your enthusiasm is so cool as well!

  8. Dear Moa’bite

    I came across you blog accidentally. I really like your curiosity and the questions you’re asking about the world. I also enjoyed reading people’s comments.
    You’re absolutely right that there are profound similarities between the embryos of humans and rabbits – and also other vertebrate species like birds and fish. Not only similarities in appearance, but similarities in our DNA sequences, and in the ways that our genes control how we develop as embryos! In fact, if you look hard enough, you can see many of the same things happening in animals as diverse as humans, insects, snails, and worms! Nature really is amazing.

    You’re also correct to see that these similarities provide evidence for evolution. The short answer to your question “is the theory of evolution true” is: yes. But your second question, “how can we make sure evolution is correct” is even MORE important – because without evidence, evolution would just be one person’s opinion against another’s. It’s much too big a question for me to try to answer here, but I would say that the theory of evolution is the only idea we have that is consistent with EVERYTHING we see in biology, including fossils, animal behaviour, genetics, anatomy, taxonomy and more, which amounts to a truly staggering pile of evidence!! However, don’t take my word for anything – seek out the evidence for yourself 🙂

    As for your final question, “where is god”, well this is a question that everyone has their own opinion on – as we have seen from the thoughtful comments on your blog – and which science can’t resolve. Although I personally don’t believe in any god, other people might argue that god designed the universe in such a way that evolution would happen, and that he shaped evolution as it proceeded, so as to create species as he wanted them. That’s just an idea to consider. These are questions we all need to think about.

    Thanks for your post and I hope you’ve been inspired to go and learn more about nature.

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  10. Pingback: My Rabbit Embryo Photo has gone viral and is being shared by tens of thousands of Arab users on Facebook as an “aborted baby” صورة طفل اجهض .. بالله عليك لا تخرج قبل ان تضغط لايك وتقول سبحان Blog of Moa

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