Two Acronyms Revealed

Those are two Acronyms that someone always find in front of him…

GPS: Global Positioning System
GMT: Greenwitch Mean Time

Yesterday, Mr. Alex from the BBC site used the two sentences I submited! I was like reading the blog when I came to the paragraph where he said:

Anyway, let’s move on and talk about some grammar. Thanks to everyone who tried the homework questions. Jameel from Jordan’s answers were so good that I’d like to use them here as examples:

1- Practice: The BBC site advises foreign learners of English to practice listening to native speakers so as to improve their listening skills.
2- According to many people on this planet, appropriate measures should be taken in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Other wise, one day we will have to pack up our belongings and go to a new planet.

(Jameel, please note that I’ve made one small vocabulary change.)
I was like extremely happy and delighted that the chair was shacking because I wanted to express my happiness to finally having my work being recognized. Later, I submitted him later a comment telling him: (You really made my day!).

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