Not kissing the statue… Standing only in front of it!

In front of the Goose Girl (Gänseliesel) in Göttingen, Lower Saxony, Germany

In the background, “the Gänseliesel (English: Goose Girl, Goose Lizzy”, which is according to Wikipedia*, “a fountain which was erected in 1901 in front of the mediaeval town hall of Göttingen, Germany. Although rather small in size, the fountain is the most well-known landmark of the city. Today, it is an essential part of graduation celebrations, for every student who finishes a doctorate at the George August University Göttingen has …

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Doing Psychiatry Residency in Germany: Hands-on Experience

A video by Tejas Ghetias and Jameel Hijazeen. In this video we discuss, as foreign doctors who had hands-on experience as psychiatry residents here in Germany, many aspects regarding doing a psychiatry residency in Germany. Questions like: # Does my language need to be excellent to be accepted in a residency program in psychiatry? Is it harder than other specialities? # Duration of the specialization and what is included in …

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Video simulation: Vorstellungsgespräch für Ärzte in Deutschland (Job Interviews for doctors in Germany)

How should I prepare myself for Vorstellungsgespräch/Interview? What questions are asked in interview for a job as Assistenzarzt/ medical resident What should I expect in an Interview for Assistenzarzt job? If it was helpful, please like the video und subscribe to the channel. A video by Jameel Hijazeen and Tejas Ghetia (both international medical residents in Germany). Jameel Hijazeen (Moa’bite) Facebook: Youtube: Tejas Ghetia (Your2ndHeart) Facebook: …

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A live interactive Facebook event about the medical specialization in Germany (Facebook-Live: Eine Veranstaltung über die Facharztausbildung in Deutschland)

  We, Tejas Ghetia and Jameel Hijazeen, are relatively new in Germany and doing our medical residencies here. Maybe you know us from our blogs and YouTube channels, where we publish materials related to medical specialisation in Germany (short bios and URLs at the end of this post). We both received hundreds of thousands of views of our materials and received many questions from hundreds of international medical doctors. Because …

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Arab Christians in the Time of ISIS

I came today upon the article below. Christians from Arab countries are fleeing and those remaining, are sometimes discriminated against and of course at other times killed. Israel presents itself, among other things, as a country, where all citizens have equal rights. I hope that others would learn the importance of being open-minded and accepting minorities!!! In a perfect situation, accepting minorities and respecting them is not a favor, gift, or …

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Jameel Hijazeen und Kleidung von der Pharmaindustrie

Dieses Bild war auf einem Kongress (Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik und Nervenheilkunde). Eine Pharmafirma hat so eine große Kamera und einen Drucker gestellt, wo die Teilnehmer an dem Kongress (dieses Jahr knapp 9.000) kostenlos so witzige Fotos machen können. Die Haare und die Brille (die ich im Bild trage) sowie andere Kleidungsstücke gab es dabei. Wie oben sah ich aus. Der Titel des Postes habe …

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If you are to read one book for the Fachsprachenprüfung… Then probably this one.

In the following PDF book/document is a great summary of the necessary material for the Fachsprachenprüfung (German medical language test)! It is really amazing! It contains almost all the necessary information! If I were to do the exam again, then I would probably not need a lot more than to read this PDF book/document. Of course, the more you learn, the better, but this summary really contains everything. It is prepared by …

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Was bedeutet der Titel “Ich pfeife auf den Tod” von dem Buch bei Babak Rafati

“Der Titel ‘Ich pfeife auf den Tod’ soll eigentlich zum Ausdruck bringen, scheiße auf all was da passiert, sondern das Leben ist mir so viel Wert, dass alles kein Wert hat, um sich darüber Gedanken zum machen und vor allen Ding kaputt zu machen!” Quelle: Babak Rafati selbst über sein Buch in dem folgenden Video, Zeit 00:08-00:26, Ich besuche morgen eine Lesung von diesem Autor! Ich bin sehr begeistert!