My Experience: Applying for Approbation in Bezirksregierung Arnsberg – 2014.10.21

Today, I was in Arnsberg to apply for approbation. Frau Anette Tacke was only there (Names of Employees and their contact details). I arrived at around 8:45 after walking less than 12 minutes from the main train station in Arnsberg – Hauptbahnhof in Arnsberg (westf). Following is the map and here is a link to the map on Google Maps (Their Address is Seibertzstr. 1, 59821 Arnsberg): I waited for …

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Salaries of doctors in Germany according to Marburger Bund

The tables in the PDF document at the end of this post show the salaries of doctors in Germany according to Marburgerg Bund. The salaries are in Brutto (that means, before taxes). The tax depends on whether you are single or married, have children or not, and other factors. I do not have further information. One resident told me that the taxes for a single doctor might be 35% of …

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Amazing! The necessary topics to study for the Gleichwertigkeit examination in one German state ( Rheinland-Pfalz).

Amazing! The necessary topics to study for the Gleichwertigkeit examination in one German state ( Rheinland-Pfalz). However, I think this could apply on many German states. Themen zu Lernen für Gleichwetrigkeitsprüfung – Unten steht alle letzte Examprotokollen in Rheinland-Pfalz in den letzten Monaten Source: @Adham Bader,  

This is not how to do it! According to Arab Media, Arab scientists cured Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancers, HIV… Only to mention a few!

Map of the Arab World

I am an Arab and no one can deny his origin. I do not! I am just sick about the situation of scientific research in the Arab World. To not take part in the scientific advancement of humanity is something. But what is most distressing in my opinion is that the majority of my fellow Arabs do not seem to criticize what they read, hear and watch in the media! I believe …

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How to and how easy is it to get C1 level in Telc B2-C1 Medical exam? Be the judge yourself!

How to get telc C1 Medical Certificate?

Telc Deutsch B2-C1 Medizin tests medical German language of doctors. It is called B2-C1 because it tests “indirectly” the Grammer of B2 level but the writing and speaking ability of C1 level (not very sure about what is B2 or C1… What is important, this is why it is called B2-C1. Not everything is required to be C1 level). This exam is now required for granting Approbation in many German …

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Korrekt bewerben als Assistenzarzt

Eigene Ziele kennenlernen Stärken-/Schwächen-Analyse Jobangebote suchen Stellenanzeigen für Assistenzärzte Schreiben des Lebenslaufs Entwurf des Anschreibens Vorbereiten der Anlagen Bewerbungsmappe zusammenstellen Alles nochmal überprüfen Versand der Bewerbungsmappe Auf das Vorstellungsgespräch vorbereiten   Mehr…. Quelle:

Welcoming the doctor who developed the Patientenkommunikationstest in “Doctors Going to Germany”: Dr. Nabeel Farhan

Dr. Nabeel Farhan, Freiburg International Academy

I am proud and happy to welcome a new member in this group. He is a foreign doctor who can be easily considered as a role model for foreign doctors in Germany. He now has a medical specialty in Neurosurgery, holds a Masters Degree in Medical Education, works in Freiburg University Hospital, and is the Medical Leader of FIA Freiburg International Academy. According to the Journal of the German Medical …

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Medical Project Leader of FIA: “A medical language test is starting from July 2014 obligatory to issuance of Approbation in all German states”

 Source: A comment by Dr. Farhan in a Facebook Group called “Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung für ausländische Ärzte”, link. Translation: A medical language test (of C1 level), like the Patient Communication Test (, is starting from July 2014  obligatory to issuance of the medical license (Approbation) in all German states. This exam is however not yet implemented in all German states. Only in Northrhine-Westfalia, Baden Wütemberg, Thüringne, Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz is this exam now …

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A German website that is like a German-version of USMLE World! Amazing!

8-21-2014 7-08-35 PM website is like a German-version of USMLE World. There are MCQ questions along with explained answers. Sometimes, there are videos too. Moreover, there is explanation to all clinical subjects. Official video that explains in details how the questions system work:   You can use Chrome translation extensions while reading and this would make learning easier (See this post about translation extensions in Chrome).   It is amazing! It is for …

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